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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glad that's over!

ahhhhh christmas is over,but to normalcy of my hum drum life! love it!

Busily preparing for January 1's commencement for my "project Life" weekly scrapfest,I'm really looking forward to it! I even downloaded some of the printable versions of the original kit,and Cobalt,so I spent today printing and then cutting them all out...I also made up a batch of my own journalling cards,just because I like options!

On to...2012 and new years resolutions! Now I've never really made resolutions as such,I'm a non smoker, ( who has never been a smoker) I don't drink really much at all (now) and my weight has never really been an issue,(apart from the last 3-4 years)so here goes..

1. lose these damn last 5 Kgs! I've managed 8 kg in the last say, 5 months?...bit stuck at 75kg at the moment so stepping it up a bit with some running,combined with gasping afterwards..lol!
2. Take more photo's! have always loved camera's ( pretty sure I still own about 5? )And taking photo's,but that dropped off a bit as the children got older..(not as many firsts) so I will endeavour to record more of our day to day life.
3. Study harder,better,and enjoy it more,I did enjoy school,but I never took it seriously enough,apart from Maths,(EPIC FAIL)I was mostly a B or C grade student,and I did get an A in year nine for Music,I can play the Clarinet and Piano..Imagine what I can do now I'm mature (ha) focused and supported!!
5. Make more time for DH, we have in the last year developed the "Renegotiated Everett Marriage" contract...this coming year marks our 10 year wedding anniversary..and I felt we had perhaps fallen into a little bit of a rut.So more date notes,concerts,movies,more EFFORT!
6. HHHHmmmm that could be about it really? these were the area's I think need the most work.so we will see how it goes!

Cheers for now,

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