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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year!!!

I reckon it's going to be a cracker!!!!
Spent the afternoon updating my etsy shop,and my business worksite, depending on how business goes this year I may have to pay someone to take some more professional photo's.The shiny things are really hard to photograph well,the glare always shows up and the lighting is hard to get right.

Doing the Blackbird Market again this Saturday,probably the last market I will do for a while, they are fun I suppose but a bit too labour intensive,for the amount of money it makes me.If a nice small one comes along at the right time,I may decide to do it, my focus this year is on expanding my range in more retail shops, both here in Melbourne and maybe country Victoria.

This year seeing as my youngest is going to school, is also about me, I'm not one for making new years resolutions,but once things settle down with school etc, I'm planning on running 4 mornings a week watching my portion sizes,( I do not diet!!!) and generally getting back my body,this one is not the body I remember having Lol!!!and just generally focussing on me! I know selfish huh?
Having 2 boys that are so close in age,and that are totally full on ( in a typical boy way) has pretty much left me exhausted,and just going through the motions! Which has been fine ,you know being a mum has been my main priority but with both boys at school,I'm looking forward to doing more with my time.

I'm also planning on putting every book I read in 2011, on here as a regular thing...hopefully!

Cheers B

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