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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Life!

My new "Project Life"station! Made using a large kaiser desk organiser without the drawers... I love how it turned out!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glad that's over!

ahhhhh christmas is over,but to normalcy of my hum drum life! love it!

Busily preparing for January 1's commencement for my "project Life" weekly scrapfest,I'm really looking forward to it! I even downloaded some of the printable versions of the original kit,and Cobalt,so I spent today printing and then cutting them all out...I also made up a batch of my own journalling cards,just because I like options!

On to...2012 and new years resolutions! Now I've never really made resolutions as such,I'm a non smoker, ( who has never been a smoker) I don't drink really much at all (now) and my weight has never really been an issue,(apart from the last 3-4 years)so here goes..

1. lose these damn last 5 Kgs! I've managed 8 kg in the last say, 5 months?...bit stuck at 75kg at the moment so stepping it up a bit with some running,combined with gasping afterwards..lol!
2. Take more photo's! have always loved camera's ( pretty sure I still own about 5? )And taking photo's,but that dropped off a bit as the children got older..(not as many firsts) so I will endeavour to record more of our day to day life.
3. Study harder,better,and enjoy it more,I did enjoy school,but I never took it seriously enough,apart from Maths,(EPIC FAIL)I was mostly a B or C grade student,and I did get an A in year nine for Music,I can play the Clarinet and Piano..Imagine what I can do now I'm mature (ha) focused and supported!!
5. Make more time for DH, we have in the last year developed the "Renegotiated Everett Marriage" contract...this coming year marks our 10 year wedding anniversary..and I felt we had perhaps fallen into a little bit of a rut.So more date notes,concerts,movies,more EFFORT!
6. HHHHmmmm that could be about it really? these were the area's I think need the most work.so we will see how it goes!

Cheers for now,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

BTW blogger for iphone rocks!!!

Should've done this ages ago!!! Been actually crafting today! Not working!! I make a couple of these calendars each year! Easy, quick, fun!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Oh I know what your thinking!!! She didn't? Hell yeah she did!!! Red Velvet... Whoopie Pies!!!


Well! I Have been made a First Round offer,for my first and only preference At RMIT doing a 3 year BA of fine art Degree!!!!Im studying Silversmithing.
Yay Me!

This is something I did,Me,on my own (totally supported by Hubby and Kids of course) But I filled in the forms,submitted my Folio,and was selected for an Interview,ME! I'm very proud of myself,Uni just was never on the cards for me when I finished year 12,I was at that stage living away from home, (left home at age 15 nearly 16)...and barely scraped through a pass in VCE,not because I couldn't do the work,but because I was barely surviving! had no financial support,nor familial support,I did that on my own too! But I have always regretted not going to Uni. Seeing as I'm now 37,And my life has never been better,I have wonderful supportive friends and Family,My kids are both at school and settled,I really wanted to do something for me,just for me...and have a crack at expanding my business and my love of jewellery making,and never did I think i'd get in first round!!! Whhhooo HOOO happy Dance!

So I will have to be Uber organised next year,I'm pretty much an organised person! but it's been 20 Years since I studied!How hard can it be?

Been baking like a fiend! Discovered Red Velvet Cupcakes,and Whoopie pies! Both up my baking alley...And am already organised for Becky Higgins,Project Life 2012,Just trying to keep up with the minutae of Life!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011


What the hell happened there? may? sincerest apologies to the 2 followers of my blog! Lol!I'm not sure how that happened! I had intentions of sharing quite a bit more often!

I think part of it is FB and twitter is just much more immediate to post toshort and sweet...
Lots been happening,but nothing very exciting.Obsessed with Pinterest,it's soo good,I have learned so much from there.im really entrenched in my "Home",so Pinterest has helped a lot with that.I avoided it for as long as I could!
On the health front,I've lost 5 kgs,still another 7 to go.Basically with restricting calories and walking,it's coming off slowly..the endometriosis issue....not good :( after all that pain and suffering, and $, it's still not fixed,I have been back to my OB and we are still trying to find a solution ,I had to have an MRI last week,not pleasant ..

Add to that my DH is currently unemployed...long story..and is home with me ALL DAY...its just unnatural! I'll be glad to see the end of 2011. And I'm not usually one for wallowing but I feel like enough already!

Babbling bee is still doing well,I'm actually avoiding my shops at the moment,because I can't keep up with the orders! Lol! What a problem to have hey?ramping up for Xmas ,seeing as I got caught out last year.

The highlight of my week was going to the Prima Class with Ingvild Bolme,run by scrappy hollow,it was a hoot,I've followed Ingvild's blog for a few years now and it was pretty cool to meet her,and the page we did was really Lovely.I'll try to post some pics soon.
The kidlets are all good,another school year nearly over. Still waiting to hear if I have got a spot at Uni for next year,hopefully I'll know soon!


Monday, May 30, 2011


Well that has been a busy few months!

I'm mostly fit,and feeling back to normal,The scar is healing really well,no complaints there...I'm still waiting to see if the Endo has gone for good,I've had a few niggles in the past month or so that make me think its not all gone,but we will see..

HHHmmm what else? Been reading like a fiend,and have even joined the local bookstore's Bookgroup.We have our first meeting next month after reading,"Past the Shallows",by Favel Parret,she's a local Melbourne girl.I like the book,but found it a little disjointed in parts,its told from the point of view of 3 brothers,so it skips from one short chapter to another,and I felt it was a bit confused in where it was going...But like I said I did enjoy it,looking forward to discussing it with the group.

I've also read book 4 of the "Mortal Instuments" series,and the prequel,"Clockwork Angel" to the same books,by Cassandra Clare.The most recent Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) book,VERY DISAPOINTING!!!! Charlaine is just going through the motions...:(

Still cooking heaps,am now making my own Muesli bars,As I decided there was too much unnecesary crap in the store bought ones.Sully won't eat dried fruit,(even tho he used to!)so I make them with choc chips...At least I know theres less preservatives etc in them...it's the lesser of 2 evils !

Business is good,bit quiet at the moment but I'm busy making stock so I have plenty on hand,less stressful that way.Have done a couple of weeks for my "Project Life" album,funnily enough not a great deal happening at the moment..*chuckle*

HHmmm what else?
Thought I'd post some pics of my most recent scrap pages,Mostly done with a page kit from Basic Grey..


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hhhmmmmm thoughts on plastic surgery? I personally was pretty happy with the way I looked,yes I need to lose a few kilo's and my body in general was trashed from having kids...but I have never been tempted to alter my body surgically,having said that I can see why some people do.my tummy tuck has gone well,I'm healing nicely,the scar from hip to hip is a little more gruesome than I was hoping for,but I know it will mostly fade away to a thin white line,I have lost a whole tattoo,which is kinda weird,and had a muscle tightened that was overstretched by carrying Sully very low,and the fact he was 9-1/2 pounds!As for the endometriosis? Well only time will tell! I'm yet to speak at length with my plastic surgeon,I have an appt with him in May. The first couple of days were very unpleasant,after that it was just painful when getting up and down,and bending over etc.Our insurance company has knocked back our claim,for quite different reasons than we were told,apparently the scheduled fee for abdominoplasty is about 600$, my surgeon charges 5000$, so they give you back like 200$ from Medicare because that's what they deem reasonable ! Go figure! We are persuing it further,it's not like I just woke up one day and decided "hey I want a tummy tuck!" This was a last ditch attempt at fixing an ongoing, painful medical condition.

Anyway, another 2 weeks or so and I can start running, and get started on losing my 10 kilos...I did buy a size 12 pair of jeans yesterday! Much excitement,now my little mummy tummy is gone,things fit a lot better! Lol !

I'm also starting in the next week or so,a kind of weekly "project life" using w r memory keepers divided page protectors,and a kit of paper and elements and my own stash. Becky Higgins does the "Project Life" kit in the US and Amazon sells it,just not to Australia!!!! And the Au distributor sells out before they even get in to the shop, so I thought, bugger it I'll do my own! Basically my kids lives are passing me by,seeing as I only scrap the big events,first day of school ,Easter,birthdays etc ,and now I have my little selphy printer I want to do a week at a time,that's the beauty of the divided page protectors,and kit ,I can print off my pics here,in various sizes, then on a Friday nite,whilst the footy is on pop them in the album.I am actually really looking forward to having that to inspire me... That and a serious need to use some of my stash...lol! It's out of control!

Business has been on hold for a few weeks,seeing as I wasn't allowed to drive till last week. But after the school holidays I will be back doing restocks,and in production.

Well that's it for a lazy Sunday,I'm meant to be doing the ironing.... Can not be bothered!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nearly Tummy Tuck Time!

Starting to get nervous now! Really hope they get all the endometriosis this time,so sick of the ongoing pain,and not looking forward to going through all this pain and inconvenience if it dosn't fix it! Babbling Bee is going from strength to strength,I've Established a nice customer base,with lovely customers! It keeps me busy but so far it's not crazy.

Boys have settled well into school,Lincoln seems to be enjoying prep,and well Sullivan just fits in anywhere really! So he's quite happy too.

Still teaching my cards classes as Ruckers Hill Retirement village,love getting in some nanna time! They really are a lovely bunch of ladies,and I feel like I'm a better person from being around them.

Totally obsessed with Papertrey Ink stamps from the US,absolutely the best value and quality acrylic stamps and individual dies that I have ever used! The only negative is they only ship registered mIl which can make it expensive.
Been baking up a storm, in the last few weeks I've made, cookies,a pavlova with custard,fig and raisin loaf,chocolate and beetroot muffins,cannelloni ,homemade musli slice...and the list goes on! All because I love using my Kitchenaid Mixer!

Life is just good at the moment....


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

School holidays, nearing the end!!!!

Much excitement,mostly from me!!!! Lol, Blondie goes back on Friday,Grade 2 thank you very much,and brownie starts prep on Monday!!! I'm so excited,I havnt had the house to myself in 7 years!!!!! I have many things both boring and exciting planned,cooking,sewing,lunching,manicuring,pedicuring,hair cutting and styling,lounging.....the list is pretty endless!!.no I must add that I have loved being at home with my boys,having never been particularly ambitious,nor university educated,it has suited me and my DH to have me at home all this time.I never felt I was missing out by not going back to work,I pretty happy with my lot as a housewife and mum.but the last 12 months have really brought home that I miss my old life,the freedom to do as I please I suppose.My boys are ready,they are happy well adjusted,bright boys,albeit full on....so even tho I may miss my wee poppet for a week or two, I doubt It will last!!

So onto the next few months,plans to expand my business,going a little further a field,getting fit and healthy,planning to lose about 10 kilos,dunno how much I weigh now,but it seemed like a good number! I am having a "mini tummy tuck" on the 23 rd of March,my surgeon assures me that this will remove the scar tissue and endemetriosis once and for all,bloody hope so! I thought about a full one for a nanosecond ,decided it was overkill,longer recovery,more painful,more expensive...and nothing I can't fix with a bit of exercise and portion control! A full one is quite gruesome,so just having my mummy tummy removed below my belly button should be a small improvement.Will be in hospital for 2 days,and then am instructed to do absolutely nothing,for at least 10 days,looking forward to some reading,and catching up on some Buffy on DVD! As long as the kids are dropped off and picked up I should be ok,although doing nothing is not something I am good at!!

Got my kitchen aid mixer,it is awesome !!!!!!! I luuurrrvvee it! I have made vanilla ice-cream ,watermelon,and raspberry sorbets with my ice-cream churn attachment,and some cakes and cookies. The badge maker is also lots of fun,waiting on the Chinese new year celebrations to finish so I can order more supplies direct from a manufacturer.

Oh well must go,things to do children to pull off one another.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I will only briefly mention how proud I am to be an Aussie .in times of despair and misery,we band together,have a cry,then we wipe our eyes survey the damage,and start again.

So what else has ben happening,.hhhmmmmm school holidays are starting to wear a bit thin the boys and are are all sick of each other,and they need to be constantly entertained!!!!! The weather hasn't been great,we did go to the Zoo this arvo that was a good outing.I've been buying far to much stuff on the net,I'm expecting a kitchen aid mixer,any day now,I finally ordered a badge making press,I ve always wanted one,and I am going to incorporate them into my business,once I have the larger die,I can make the cute little badge pocket mirrors, that are everywhere at the moment,hhhmm what else?An ice-cream churn for my kitchen aid ,I'm also dabbling in making soy candles,and found a great Aussie website,that sells everything you need at a great price.I've been making them in old teacups and vintage glass bowls after being inspired by a lovely lady called Martha at the last Blackbird Market,hers are of course much nicer,and I'm just making mine for fun,not to sell!!!!!

Sullivan my eldest boy,turned seven yesterday,new cricket bat=much excitement!!!!!!
The adopted kitties are doing ok,they hide under the bed all day,then they come out at night to eat and go to the toilet, some days I think we are making progress, other day days they hiss at me and I worry that I have made a huge mistake.I think once the boys go back to school I will do some trust building exercises with them lol!

Cheers B

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year!!!

I reckon it's going to be a cracker!!!!
Spent the afternoon updating my etsy shop,and my business worksite, depending on how business goes this year I may have to pay someone to take some more professional photo's.The shiny things are really hard to photograph well,the glare always shows up and the lighting is hard to get right.

Doing the Blackbird Market again this Saturday,probably the last market I will do for a while, they are fun I suppose but a bit too labour intensive,for the amount of money it makes me.If a nice small one comes along at the right time,I may decide to do it, my focus this year is on expanding my range in more retail shops, both here in Melbourne and maybe country Victoria.

This year seeing as my youngest is going to school, is also about me, I'm not one for making new years resolutions,but once things settle down with school etc, I'm planning on running 4 mornings a week watching my portion sizes,( I do not diet!!!) and generally getting back my body,this one is not the body I remember having Lol!!!and just generally focussing on me! I know selfish huh?
Having 2 boys that are so close in age,and that are totally full on ( in a typical boy way) has pretty much left me exhausted,and just going through the motions! Which has been fine ,you know being a mum has been my main priority but with both boys at school,I'm looking forward to doing more with my time.

I'm also planning on putting every book I read in 2011, on here as a regular thing...hopefully!

Cheers B