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Friday, October 22, 2010

Just stuff..

I'm sure I mentioned it before,I don't just read books,I devour them!lol, My dad used to always say that about me,usually with a bit of frustration seeing I was probably reading at the time and ignoring him...I also read a lot of stuff that was probably too old for me at the time,but once I had read all of my books I had to go and pillage my Mum's bookshelf,I read "Drum" and "Mistress of Falconhurst" when I was about 11,and "Chariots of the gods" when I was about 12..Interesting reading! I used to sit behind the back of the couch and read them in secret until my mum figured out what I was doing there! I also have a sort of photo- graphic memeory,I can't re-read books over and over like some people do, My mother has read the harry potter books like 5 times each! I can't see the point? Surely you remember what happens?How can it be any different?

I'll pretty much read anything, I don't like murder mysteries so much, they seeem to not surprise me with the plots,Agatha Christie and such, I do appreciate the classics,and have but a handful to read, I like a good horror! Never was the "Sweet valley high" type, more "Virginia Andrews" I tend to stay away from best sellers,unless I hear really good reviews,speaking of which, Just plowed through "The Passage", By Justin Cronin,great book!!! I was going to start putting the names of all the books I had read since January 1st in my blog posts,but it snowballed pretty quickly, I'm probably up to about 50 already this year..It happens in bits tho, not evey day..I wish!

Having a kindle is sooooo good, because I know I can, at any time shop and buy a book,depending on my mood.I also like buying trashy horror novels from the op-shop,I'm loathe to pay full price for a book!

If I couldnt read anymore, I think it would be one of the worst things to ever happen to me! I had a rather lonely childhood,and Reading was my sanctuary,my way of escaping a small country town,narrow minded people,and the boredom and loneliness that comes with both!Funnily enough I married a man who for all intensive puposes,does not read!!! He used to read on holiday,which we never do now,but at least he leaves me alone! Sometimes I'm incomunicado for days on end while I finish a book,or series of books,once I start I have to finish it, I have maybe a few that I just could not finish,either because they were total shit,or just plain hard work!

So here are my top 10 books ever In no particular order..

Angela's Ashes -Frank Mccourt
To kill a mocking bird-Harper Lee
The Catcher in the Rye-J D Salinger
The Hope-James Lovgrove
The last Picture show-Larry McMurtry
A prayer for Owen Meany-John Irving
Gone with the wind-Margaret Mitchell
The Girl with the pearl Earring-Tracy Chevalier
The Picture of Dorian Gray-Oscar Wilde
Love is a dog from hell-Charles Bukowski

and the worst?

Dead Europe-Christos Tolkias... just the most awful book I have ever read!Seriously!
A clockwork Orange- anthony Burgess,still trying to finish it..20 years later!
Porno-Irvine Welsh
The winner stands alone-Paulo Coehlo...just ..pointless!And I do usually Like his stuff..
.....hhhmmmm I'm sure there are more,Just must've blocked them out LOL!

so there you go, not that it probably makes a whole lot of difference to anyone in particular..


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Marcia @ The Stamp Spot said...

I always wanted a black labrador called Holden ... just like Catcher in the Rye. And I had to read To Kill a Mockingbird in TEE English ... and to this day it is the only book I will read over and over.

I too plough through books, have been known to put away a 500+ page book in an evening. I just can't go to bed until it is finished. At the moment Jodie Picoult has my interest, I think more because there is always a hidden message or moral in her story lines and I love to try and figure the twist out.

Keep reading, it's good for the soul and the stress level!

:) Hope you're well