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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ah ...I love weddings!

Went to my BIL Rob's wedding yesterday,I'm so very very happy for him and his new wife,and my new SIL Jenny!! It was a cocktail reception at the Crittendon Estate winery in MT Martha,very nice food,lovely scenery(a bit wet) and lot's of very nice vino!

My boys looked absolutely spunky!!! Both are gonna break hearts one day,they had a ball at their first wedding,mostly well behaved,Sully waited until the very last half hour before he fell over in the mud,and trashed his very nice pants and shirt!!! Luckily mummy was pleasantly inebriated by this stage and his uncle cleaned him up a bit before I saw him!

I went to the Magnolia Square Handmade craft market in Malvern today, it was crazy busy,but the stuff I saw was really lovely,I'd love to have a crack at one of them one day...who knows?

Busy creating, having major supply issues at the moment,but trundling along nicely with some other things.Off to the NGV with DH's work on monday night for a viewing of the European Masters collection,with drinks and nibbles!! Noice! Hoping my Salon straightened hair lasts till then! lol! I wish I could get my hair straight like this myself...I quite like it!

Well here are some pics from the day,I'm going to do The official wedding photo's in an album for them as a wedding present.
Catch yah later!