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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Down with a charming eye infection at the moment,*note to self* don't use 5 year old mascara!!! Lol

Have loaded fair bit of stuff in my Etsy shop,nothing has sold as yet,so I'm just taking my time,and I'll put more stuff on later.Have also been madly making stuff for the mothers day stall at Sully's school.So that has been keeping me busy.

My bedroom makeover is complete,paint all done thanks to DH, new blinds up,new artwork above the bed,and new linen,looks much nicer...more "Grown up"!We have also bought blinds for both the boys rooms,as I reckon they have grown out of the alphabet curtains I put up when they were babies!

Busy also being the neighbourhood drop off centre too,lol! I love it,love having lots of kids around,something my mother never liked,other people's children..I have my friend Ange's baby James, on wednesday's for the whole day,various kids for school pick up's and drop off's, and lot's of playdates!I love the sense of community where I live,and that people know I'm around and can help out,and I know they would do the same for me.I can't wait until I have large groups of Sully and Lincoln's mates hanging around after school,staying for dinner and such...Something I never had,and I hope it will keep me close to my boys (and who they are hanging out with LOL!)

Well off to crash on the couch,tired,sore eye...:(

Might have some pics to share from our Annual Anzac day picninc to Warburton this year,might do some scrapping on Saturday night as DH and Sully will be at the footy.

Cheers B

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ok ok ok..I give in...

I am in the process of opening an Etsy shop,so bear with me while I take all the photo's and load all the descriptions,then we will see if you have all been lying to me about how nice my stuff is!!? lol!Wish me luck.