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Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Baaaccckkkk...

Ah yes the joys of being a woman! Off to have another minor surgery tommorow,the endemetriosis in my ceasar scar is back,not as big,seeing as it is only a year since the last lot was removed,but back nonetheless! So the DH off work,friends picking up and dropping off of the little ones shuffle, begins!

We (me and the boys) had gastro during the week too,so basically I'm a bit over my life at the moment...Cleaning,washing,shopping,etc etc...

I have a few pages happening at the moment..unfinished, so will pop some pics when I have them all done..

Looking forward to slow cooker season..I only discovered them last year and I love cooking in them..my kind of cooking,chuck it all in the one pot,and walk away!!!
I'm more of a baker,I like cakes and muffins and slices,speaking of which,thanks to my scrappy friend Sharon,I have discovered White Wings Vanilla Cupcakes....O-MG!!! absolutely the best cupcakes I have ever eaten,packet mix or from scratch!!!And I have eaten quite a few in my time...:) Next time I make them I'll post a picture.

Heres my slow cooker recipe for Lasagne,yes Lasagne!!!

Slow cooker Lasagne,

Made in an oval, 4.5 litre slow cooker, it will be about 4-5cm thick, but obviously the depth will vary depending on the size of the cooker you use.

2 cloves of Garlic Peeled and chopped
1x400 grm can of whole or diced tomatoes in juice
1x single serve packet of Tomato Soup(Soup in a cup)
500gm minced beef
1/4 cup of Tomato Paste
1 tsp each of dried basil and Oregano
2 tsp instant beef stock (I used powdered)
1 cup of hot water
250 grm of dry instant lasagne sheets


2tsp Cornflour
1 large egg
3/4 cup of milk
1 cup of grated tasty cheese
Paprika (optional)

Turn the slow cooker on High to pre heat and coat the bowl with non stick spray.
Put the garlic and tomatoes (with any juice) into a large bowl and mash with a fork to break up the tomatoes. Add the soup mix, minced beef, tomato paste, herbs, stock and water and then mix until well combined.

Spread one third of the mixture evenly over the bottom of the slow cooker bowl. Place half of the lasagne sheets over the meat .Repeat the layering with another third of the meat mixture, the remaining pasta then cover with the remaining meat mixture. To make the topping, mix together the cornflour, egg, milk and cheese. Pour this over everything in the slow cooker and sprinkle with Paprika (if using)

Turn the slow cooker to LOW and cook for 8-9 hours.



Marcia said...

I love slow cooker season too! Although with my new oven, I think the slow cooker is going to be made redundant! Great recipe, will give that a crack.

Hope all goes well tomorrow for you. Best of luck with it.

Hugs, Marcia

Anonymous said...

like button :) Peta