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Monday, March 22, 2010

Change of scene...ery!

As I stay at home mum,I think I spend waaayy to much time at home thinking of ways to improve my surrounds...so after years of looking at my ugly green dining chairs(which I intended to cover 7 years ago,straight after we bought them!)I popped out to Spotlight bought 2 meteres of upholstery fabric and voila!!! Fab new chairs!Really easy to do if your chair pads come off,just unscrew them, cover with fabric,and use a staple gun to tack the fabric down...It took me about and hour.Sorry the pic is so bad I was all excited and obvioulsy unsteady with the camera, lol! But you get how much better they look.HHmm what else? oh finally got my stampin' up! stamp pad storage box, that I've wanted for ages,I found a company in bendigo that makes them and after I bought it, it took one day to get here! DH mounted it on the wall for me yesterday,quite happy with how it looks.And I now know I can order another one if (or when) it gets filled...Last but not least,everyone is doing these on the WWW it seems,I always hated how ugly these baby wipes cases were,I really only use them for cleaning my stamps,and the odd grubby face these days,but have made a few for friends with babies...Oh and little travel tissue covers too,will post a pic of one later.
Anyway,I'm much better,My Dr thinks she got all the Endo out this time,but only time will tell!

Cheers B

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