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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's hard to blog with a kitten in your lap...

..who likes to try and eat the keyboard!!!and attack the cursor!!!and walks on the keyboard...she's crazy!!!LOL!

Been super busy,had my big sis come and stay for a week,first week of school,and Kinder...Dr's appointments..etc etc,life!

Have 2 pages to share,one is from Sully's book week last year,and the other one I did from the DVD that came with SC one month and I finally got around to watching it! It's a Lorraine bate one,I think I like her stuff...I'd had the Webters paper for ages and wasn't sure how I was going to use them,very happy with how it turned out,the pic is of my MIL with her first born,I havn't put the year he was born on it yet.. How chipper does she look? Hair all nice and set,bit of lippy...Amazing that she looks that bright after giving birth!!

I managed to do this page whilst scrapping in the loungeroom,yes I
do have a "Space" as such but it's right next to my eldest son's room,and he yells at me to be quiet if he's already gone to bed...so I lashed out and bought a $25 fold out table so I can hang with the DH while the footy is on and not miss out on scrapping when I'm in the mood,which aint that often anymore!!

I also am very excited about my new string storage solution!!!... I did take some photo's but they werent very well(I was in a rush,as always) will take some more soon..Basically,you buy a metal screw top glass storage jar,like they have at the reject shop etc,mine was 3$ and punch a hole in the lid,put your ball of twine or Jute in the jar,poke your string through the hole...Voila! no more tangled string!!!

I thought I should also pop some pictures of my space on here,just so you can see how OC,yes OC,I am about storage and organisation...

Oh and very last crop at the Scrapbook scene this weekend...;( very sad,but I know Janet needs to do some stuff for her and her kids so I wish her well.

See you soon...