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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You take the good with the bad..

Well my little old Kitty Pumpkin (silly name I know) died yesterday afternoon,after succumbing to the ravages of old age,his long time companin Jai died only a few months ago,and so an era ends..One of the pics Sully took last week,it's not a great photo technically,but it shows pumpkin in his favourite spot,in the sun in the front yard.

I love cats I'm a cat person,I have 2 cat tattoo's if I wasn't married and had kids,I'd for sure be a crazy ol' cat lady,like the one on the simpsons..and I may still be when my kids are all grown up and leave me! My DH on the other hand,not so much a cat person, I mean he likes animals,but wouldn't be fussed if we never had another pet....I on the other hand need to have a warm furry thing around, I like to come home to them, I let them sleep on my bed,cat's are clean,and smoochy,and soft,unlike our dog who is stinky,drooly,and HEAVY!!!

So today me and the kidlets went to the RSPCA,where I actually Volunteered, for about 2 years while I attempted to become a Vet Nurse....(nope never managed to finish my course)..And have brought home the most Divine girl tabby kitten,Sully picked the name "Luna" and I seconded it and Lincoln just goes along with stuff like that! LOL! She's a sweet little thing,and seems to be settling in ok.

I will miss my beautiful boys,Jai and Pumpkin,I have many memories of them both,and now I want my boys to grow up with a pet that is the whole family's and not just mine.

Will post some pics once she's settled in a bit more...

Went to Walhalla on Sunday,it's our favourite go-to touristy destination,and such a beautiful and interesting place...Took the boys on the goldmine tour and they both loved it.Got lots of pics of the fab cemetary,when you see them you'll understand why it's so cool!...

Have done a page,and some cards,will post them when I get around to it....


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