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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunny and Leo..

Leo has the darker nose,and Sunny is HUGE!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Glad that's over for another year!
have a had a crazy and a bit crap couple of weeks, our beautiful kitten Luna died...we don't know exactly how,but we found her dead in my neighbors drive about a week ago.No signs of trauma,no blood... Possibly poison (unintentional ) ..but I was devastated. When my old kitties died I was sad, but it was kinda expected, man they were old! Luna had been part of our family for such a short while....So we have adopted 2 4 year old Russian blue/DSH boy cats from a lady who could no longer care for them,they are such beautiful,stunning cats!!! Sully named them Sunny and Leo, they are very shy,but coming around nicely.The same day Luna died I had to see my ob gyn again for my recurring endometriosis...with good and bad results,she thinks that maybe a abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) of sorts may be the way to go...ok if I must I must! Except that it will cost over $10,000!!!!!!!! the general idea being to remove all of the scar tissue and once and for all stopping the endo coming back,not something I would go out and do,but if it means no more chronic pain,then I suppose the flatter stomach bit is a bonus,and even tho it's for medical reasons not cosmetic,our FULLY COMPREHENSIVE health insurance dosn't cover it!! Have an appointment in January with a plastic reconstructive surgeon,let's hope he has a solution!

My business is booming,Christmas was insane! Looking forward to expanding next year.

Oh and Santa (DH) bought me an...wait for it.....iPad !!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! He nailed it this year lol!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just stuff..

I'm sure I mentioned it before,I don't just read books,I devour them!lol, My dad used to always say that about me,usually with a bit of frustration seeing I was probably reading at the time and ignoring him...I also read a lot of stuff that was probably too old for me at the time,but once I had read all of my books I had to go and pillage my Mum's bookshelf,I read "Drum" and "Mistress of Falconhurst" when I was about 11,and "Chariots of the gods" when I was about 12..Interesting reading! I used to sit behind the back of the couch and read them in secret until my mum figured out what I was doing there! I also have a sort of photo- graphic memeory,I can't re-read books over and over like some people do, My mother has read the harry potter books like 5 times each! I can't see the point? Surely you remember what happens?How can it be any different?

I'll pretty much read anything, I don't like murder mysteries so much, they seeem to not surprise me with the plots,Agatha Christie and such, I do appreciate the classics,and have but a handful to read, I like a good horror! Never was the "Sweet valley high" type, more "Virginia Andrews" I tend to stay away from best sellers,unless I hear really good reviews,speaking of which, Just plowed through "The Passage", By Justin Cronin,great book!!! I was going to start putting the names of all the books I had read since January 1st in my blog posts,but it snowballed pretty quickly, I'm probably up to about 50 already this year..It happens in bits tho, not evey day..I wish!

Having a kindle is sooooo good, because I know I can, at any time shop and buy a book,depending on my mood.I also like buying trashy horror novels from the op-shop,I'm loathe to pay full price for a book!

If I couldnt read anymore, I think it would be one of the worst things to ever happen to me! I had a rather lonely childhood,and Reading was my sanctuary,my way of escaping a small country town,narrow minded people,and the boredom and loneliness that comes with both!Funnily enough I married a man who for all intensive puposes,does not read!!! He used to read on holiday,which we never do now,but at least he leaves me alone! Sometimes I'm incomunicado for days on end while I finish a book,or series of books,once I start I have to finish it, I have maybe a few that I just could not finish,either because they were total shit,or just plain hard work!

So here are my top 10 books ever In no particular order..

Angela's Ashes -Frank Mccourt
To kill a mocking bird-Harper Lee
The Catcher in the Rye-J D Salinger
The Hope-James Lovgrove
The last Picture show-Larry McMurtry
A prayer for Owen Meany-John Irving
Gone with the wind-Margaret Mitchell
The Girl with the pearl Earring-Tracy Chevalier
The Picture of Dorian Gray-Oscar Wilde
Love is a dog from hell-Charles Bukowski

and the worst?

Dead Europe-Christos Tolkias... just the most awful book I have ever read!Seriously!
A clockwork Orange- anthony Burgess,still trying to finish it..20 years later!
Porno-Irvine Welsh
The winner stands alone-Paulo Coehlo...just ..pointless!And I do usually Like his stuff..
.....hhhmmmm I'm sure there are more,Just must've blocked them out LOL!

so there you go, not that it probably makes a whole lot of difference to anyone in particular..


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello my name is Brooke...

...and I'm an Etsyaholic!!! It's become an obsession,it satisfies my need to shop,seeing as I don't have a lot of actual time these days,and also my obsession with recieving parcels in the mail. It's so bad that I can pinpoint what time which type of parcel should arrive....The International Parcel man comes at 7.15am,the registered parcel man comes at 8.15...the Toll parcel man comes at 11,and the UPS man comes at 2.15,as well as the regular postie during the day....There's nothing quite like the rush I get when I hear the postie on his bike,and then see the unmistakeable orange of a US parcel peeking out of the letter box...

I'm also finally attuned to the sound of the 7.15 parcel man,he has his radio up really loud,and drives like a maniac!!!Reminds me of the postie from that chevy Chase movie...You know which one?

Busy still,and I think that it will only get busier as Christmas approaches,I'm doing the Blackbird Market again in November which is quite fun.So business is going well with the help my lovely little group of retailers...and my enablers from school!

Lots of social things on lately too,weddings,parties,dinners..finally having an executive for a husband is paying off!! LOL!
Well that's all for now.

Catch you later.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Did my stall at the Blackbird Market yesterday with my friend Suze,had a blast! It went really quickly and was a lot of fun,I sold a fair bit and made about $290! The stall itself costs $60,so all in all a pretty good profit!It was a good indicator as to what sells really well,and that my pricing was pretty good.The music was good,the food was good,and the other girls on the stalls all seemed really lovely!
So I'm planning to go back on the 13th of November! Hope to see some more friendly faces there!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sssoooooo busy!
I have actually had to stop taking orders at the moment as I'm so busy! It's just crazy!Something that was just meant to earn me a bit of spending money,doing something I love,is becoming very time consuming,sourcing supplies,prep,and actual manufacture is taking up a fair bit of my spare time!It would be better next year when I will have whole days to get stuff done,between school,kinder and my other bits and pieces it's really hard!

No I'm not whingeing...Just so surprised that it's taking off so quickly!lol!
I think I'm still in shock!

I've managed to track down a manufacturer in China to buy my materials from,for a fraction of the cost I was paying on Etsy..It was actually just more about finding a reliable company that I could get my orders as I needed them,the demand has surpassed supply!!! I'm doing the Blackbird Market in October,and hopefully November as well.I'm looking forward to it,being a chatterbox and a "people person" I love any chance to get out and meet new people!

Back soon,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ah ...I love weddings!

Went to my BIL Rob's wedding yesterday,I'm so very very happy for him and his new wife,and my new SIL Jenny!! It was a cocktail reception at the Crittendon Estate winery in MT Martha,very nice food,lovely scenery(a bit wet) and lot's of very nice vino!

My boys looked absolutely spunky!!! Both are gonna break hearts one day,they had a ball at their first wedding,mostly well behaved,Sully waited until the very last half hour before he fell over in the mud,and trashed his very nice pants and shirt!!! Luckily mummy was pleasantly inebriated by this stage and his uncle cleaned him up a bit before I saw him!

I went to the Magnolia Square Handmade craft market in Malvern today, it was crazy busy,but the stuff I saw was really lovely,I'd love to have a crack at one of them one day...who knows?

Busy creating, having major supply issues at the moment,but trundling along nicely with some other things.Off to the NGV with DH's work on monday night for a viewing of the European Masters collection,with drinks and nibbles!! Noice! Hoping my Salon straightened hair lasts till then! lol! I wish I could get my hair straight like this myself...I quite like it!

Well here are some pics from the day,I'm going to do The official wedding photo's in an album for them as a wedding present.
Catch yah later!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well Hello

Hi all,
goodness,once one gets FOUR shops buying my stuff,that's right four! I find I have even less time to blog!

Every shop I have approached so far has bought all my stock,and then I have to rush home and make more! It's out of control people!Iv'e narrowed down some awesome suppliers,and figured out what works and what dosn't through trial and error!(trust me, lots of error) lol!

I've decided that resin is AWESOME,I've figured out how long it takes to set,usually by touching it when it hasn't set! and with my handy dandy toaster oven,I'm able to have a shorter turn around time,the problem being that every second thing I make I luuurrvvveee, so I have more jewllery than I know what to do with!!!

I'm diving back into Silver Smithing, now that I can easily access tools and materials more readily than when I was doing it 7 years ago,Thank goodness for Etsy!!!!DH is buying me a silver tumbler for my birthday, how romantic is that!!!!LOL!

I have a new website ,it's www.babblingbee.com

It's mainly for Retailers to get an idea of what's available, I have an option to pop a paypal cart on there in the future...And I need to put more photo's in the gallery too!

Anyway, DH has had to get me a new battery for the laptop,so it's nice to be able to blog in the kitchen, loungeroom etc...Kids are good,life is busy, I like it that way,off to my BIL's wedding on Friday next it's a cocktail reception at the Crittendon Estate,in Mt eliza! Looking forward to frocking up!!!Oh god! High Heels!AAARRRGGGhhh! And I still have tan lines from the Second degree sunburn I got from my Melbourne Cup Day Adventure...NOVEMBER LAST YEAR!!!VVEERRYY attractive!

Bye! B

Monday, July 12, 2010


Whew! Thank goodness school holidays are over! I felt like a caged bear,so who knows how the boys must have felt!!!

Very quickly letting you know that "i dream a highway",Northcote is selling my stuff,and also "Birch living",in Clifton Hill!!! Super excited! The owners seem to really like what I'm doing which is nice,makes me feel like I am going in the right direction! I have also captured the 80 year old Grandma market amongst my MIL's friends!!! They are just buying the necklaces from seeing her wearing hers,marketing plus I say!

So super excited,super busy.

Catch you all soon,off to collect the poppets.
Cheers B

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Due to popular demand...

Here are some pics of my stuff..
Pink Karim is a gorgeous funky little boutique here in Fairfield,I sold 10 pendants to Ann last wednesday,and 4 had sold by Friday!This one is my own,it was back when I was trialling glue and stuff that worked the way I wanted..being both a perfectionist and impatient it's been hard work!I make all sorts of different designs.

Very simple design,lots of prep involved,but the end product is very nice.

I've also got an appt next thursday with "I dream a Highway" on high st Northcote.
These brooches are also a bit of a hit,made from old dominoes..

Cheers Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Been slack,I know,just busy with life..as usual.

Here's a page of my gorgeous feline,Luna.The boys call her Luna-Tuna,and DH calls her Luna-tic...It's tough being surrounded by such comedic genious...LOL!

It's cold,really cold,so cold my glues and Dimensional Magic is taking forever to dry! It's during winter that I loathe our cold draughty old house,give me central heating and wall to wall carpet any day.

My Etsy shop is still going,no sales for a while tho,trying to get a cohesive brand happening,I've ordered a custom made rubber stamp,for packaging,tags etc,I have business cards,On the school holidays I'm going into the CBD where there is a Jeweller supply shop(it's sooo good!)thay have packaging and boxes.

I've also dropped some brooches into a little boutique here in Faifield,and will let you know if the lady there decides to stock them! Fingers crossed!

Anyhoo,hope to be back again soon,with another page,just have to finish it off..
Cheers B

Friday, May 7, 2010

Been scrappin'

Here's 2 pages I have done this week,one photo is pretty recent(Anzac Day)..the other is from Melbourne Cup Day last year,oh my!

Just using lots of scraps and found objects at the moment..Loving the new October Afternoon tho! Vintage is sooo my thing!Have also been doing some Baby album covers pretty much by correspondance,for a friend in NSW..Lots of fun doing girly stuff!

After my last post, I had a virtual rush of sales in my Etsy shop,I am doing a 'showcase" promo on Sunday I think? where they put your stuff in a really heavy traffic area of the Website,it's supposed to bring more people to your shop.There's so much stuff on there,that you really need to list stuff everyday to keep it in the foreground!

All is well here,kids drive me nuts some days,lol! Looking forward to Mother's day with my boys,neither of them are very good at keeping things secret!! LOL! Lucky I can feign surprise and delight pretty convincingly by now!

Cheers B

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Down with a charming eye infection at the moment,*note to self* don't use 5 year old mascara!!! Lol

Have loaded fair bit of stuff in my Etsy shop,nothing has sold as yet,so I'm just taking my time,and I'll put more stuff on later.Have also been madly making stuff for the mothers day stall at Sully's school.So that has been keeping me busy.

My bedroom makeover is complete,paint all done thanks to DH, new blinds up,new artwork above the bed,and new linen,looks much nicer...more "Grown up"!We have also bought blinds for both the boys rooms,as I reckon they have grown out of the alphabet curtains I put up when they were babies!

Busy also being the neighbourhood drop off centre too,lol! I love it,love having lots of kids around,something my mother never liked,other people's children..I have my friend Ange's baby James, on wednesday's for the whole day,various kids for school pick up's and drop off's, and lot's of playdates!I love the sense of community where I live,and that people know I'm around and can help out,and I know they would do the same for me.I can't wait until I have large groups of Sully and Lincoln's mates hanging around after school,staying for dinner and such...Something I never had,and I hope it will keep me close to my boys (and who they are hanging out with LOL!)

Well off to crash on the couch,tired,sore eye...:(

Might have some pics to share from our Annual Anzac day picninc to Warburton this year,might do some scrapping on Saturday night as DH and Sully will be at the footy.

Cheers B

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ok ok ok..I give in...

I am in the process of opening an Etsy shop,so bear with me while I take all the photo's and load all the descriptions,then we will see if you have all been lying to me about how nice my stuff is!!? lol!Wish me luck.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrapping..kinda,almost,sort of...

I finished these pages on Saturday when I had some scrappy friends over to play,we are scrap-shop-crop homeless as the shop in which we met has closed down, so I asked everyone to come on over while all my boys were at the footy..It was great! Not long enough tho,bugger having small children that need to have dinner and go to bed etc, LOL!

Anyway they were started a while back and I just pottered around finishing them. Oh and I took my cupcake pic,they are still coming out divine....
Hoping to re-paint my bedroom this long weekend,i had DH paint it when I was pregnant with Sully,Purple seemed like a great idea at the time...I still love it (it's my favourite colour)but it makes the room very dark,and I want to open it up a bit,then a new blind,new bedcovers, new artwork for above the bed...he he he..

So I hope you all have a great easter,we arent really doing much at all,vegeing,painting..stuff.Maybe a family drive somewhere, I need fresh family pics..

Cheers B

Monday, March 22, 2010

Change of scene...ery!

As I stay at home mum,I think I spend waaayy to much time at home thinking of ways to improve my surrounds...so after years of looking at my ugly green dining chairs(which I intended to cover 7 years ago,straight after we bought them!)I popped out to Spotlight bought 2 meteres of upholstery fabric and voila!!! Fab new chairs!Really easy to do if your chair pads come off,just unscrew them, cover with fabric,and use a staple gun to tack the fabric down...It took me about and hour.Sorry the pic is so bad I was all excited and obvioulsy unsteady with the camera, lol! But you get how much better they look.HHmm what else? oh finally got my stampin' up! stamp pad storage box, that I've wanted for ages,I found a company in bendigo that makes them and after I bought it, it took one day to get here! DH mounted it on the wall for me yesterday,quite happy with how it looks.And I now know I can order another one if (or when) it gets filled...Last but not least,everyone is doing these on the WWW it seems,I always hated how ugly these baby wipes cases were,I really only use them for cleaning my stamps,and the odd grubby face these days,but have made a few for friends with babies...Oh and little travel tissue covers too,will post a pic of one later.
Anyway,I'm much better,My Dr thinks she got all the Endo out this time,but only time will tell!

Cheers B

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey,feeling much better from my little op,dressing off tomorrow,still waiting to hear from my Doc,not holding my breath about it all being gone this time,we shall see...

As promised here's 2 recent pages,one of Linky (actualy with a mouthfull of food)can yah tell? I actually love the candidness of this one.Very him!
The other is a set up shot of Sully 2010 in his stripey t-shirt and Sunnies and of his Dad at roughly the same age...taken in 1968!!!!Most people do a double take,when the see it,they are sooooo alike...It's nice Linky looks more like me!!!

I got bored this afternoon...so I cut myself a fringe..LOL!

Cheers B

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Baaaccckkkk...

Ah yes the joys of being a woman! Off to have another minor surgery tommorow,the endemetriosis in my ceasar scar is back,not as big,seeing as it is only a year since the last lot was removed,but back nonetheless! So the DH off work,friends picking up and dropping off of the little ones shuffle, begins!

We (me and the boys) had gastro during the week too,so basically I'm a bit over my life at the moment...Cleaning,washing,shopping,etc etc...

I have a few pages happening at the moment..unfinished, so will pop some pics when I have them all done..

Looking forward to slow cooker season..I only discovered them last year and I love cooking in them..my kind of cooking,chuck it all in the one pot,and walk away!!!
I'm more of a baker,I like cakes and muffins and slices,speaking of which,thanks to my scrappy friend Sharon,I have discovered White Wings Vanilla Cupcakes....O-MG!!! absolutely the best cupcakes I have ever eaten,packet mix or from scratch!!!And I have eaten quite a few in my time...:) Next time I make them I'll post a picture.

Heres my slow cooker recipe for Lasagne,yes Lasagne!!!

Slow cooker Lasagne,

Made in an oval, 4.5 litre slow cooker, it will be about 4-5cm thick, but obviously the depth will vary depending on the size of the cooker you use.

2 cloves of Garlic Peeled and chopped
1x400 grm can of whole or diced tomatoes in juice
1x single serve packet of Tomato Soup(Soup in a cup)
500gm minced beef
1/4 cup of Tomato Paste
1 tsp each of dried basil and Oregano
2 tsp instant beef stock (I used powdered)
1 cup of hot water
250 grm of dry instant lasagne sheets


2tsp Cornflour
1 large egg
3/4 cup of milk
1 cup of grated tasty cheese
Paprika (optional)

Turn the slow cooker on High to pre heat and coat the bowl with non stick spray.
Put the garlic and tomatoes (with any juice) into a large bowl and mash with a fork to break up the tomatoes. Add the soup mix, minced beef, tomato paste, herbs, stock and water and then mix until well combined.

Spread one third of the mixture evenly over the bottom of the slow cooker bowl. Place half of the lasagne sheets over the meat .Repeat the layering with another third of the meat mixture, the remaining pasta then cover with the remaining meat mixture. To make the topping, mix together the cornflour, egg, milk and cheese. Pour this over everything in the slow cooker and sprinkle with Paprika (if using)

Turn the slow cooker to LOW and cook for 8-9 hours.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's hard to blog with a kitten in your lap...

..who likes to try and eat the keyboard!!!and attack the cursor!!!and walks on the keyboard...she's crazy!!!LOL!

Been super busy,had my big sis come and stay for a week,first week of school,and Kinder...Dr's appointments..etc etc,life!

Have 2 pages to share,one is from Sully's book week last year,and the other one I did from the DVD that came with SC one month and I finally got around to watching it! It's a Lorraine bate one,I think I like her stuff...I'd had the Webters paper for ages and wasn't sure how I was going to use them,very happy with how it turned out,the pic is of my MIL with her first born,I havn't put the year he was born on it yet.. How chipper does she look? Hair all nice and set,bit of lippy...Amazing that she looks that bright after giving birth!!

I managed to do this page whilst scrapping in the loungeroom,yes I
do have a "Space" as such but it's right next to my eldest son's room,and he yells at me to be quiet if he's already gone to bed...so I lashed out and bought a $25 fold out table so I can hang with the DH while the footy is on and not miss out on scrapping when I'm in the mood,which aint that often anymore!!

I also am very excited about my new string storage solution!!!... I did take some photo's but they werent very well(I was in a rush,as always) will take some more soon..Basically,you buy a metal screw top glass storage jar,like they have at the reject shop etc,mine was 3$ and punch a hole in the lid,put your ball of twine or Jute in the jar,poke your string through the hole...Voila! no more tangled string!!!

I thought I should also pop some pictures of my space on here,just so you can see how OC,yes OC,I am about storage and organisation...

Oh and very last crop at the Scrapbook scene this weekend...;( very sad,but I know Janet needs to do some stuff for her and her kids so I wish her well.

See you soon...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well here she is,what a gorgeous little feline...nice to have a female in the house after all these boys! She's very funny,and very snuggly,she seems ok with the boys and I'm sure she will settle in just fine.

And the page I did at the crop on saturday,the picture was taken at Maroondah Dam,on boxing day,2009.One of our usual family outings.Lovin' the new Prima flowers...Maybe Luna can be my new Muse?

UUmm the vintage card I made using what I refer to as "Vintage gold",snap cards from a complete set with box,that I found cleaning out my MIL's house,I have big plans for them!! The other is just a very simple baby card,using my copics and scorpal.

Cheers B.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You take the good with the bad..

Well my little old Kitty Pumpkin (silly name I know) died yesterday afternoon,after succumbing to the ravages of old age,his long time companin Jai died only a few months ago,and so an era ends..One of the pics Sully took last week,it's not a great photo technically,but it shows pumpkin in his favourite spot,in the sun in the front yard.

I love cats I'm a cat person,I have 2 cat tattoo's if I wasn't married and had kids,I'd for sure be a crazy ol' cat lady,like the one on the simpsons..and I may still be when my kids are all grown up and leave me! My DH on the other hand,not so much a cat person, I mean he likes animals,but wouldn't be fussed if we never had another pet....I on the other hand need to have a warm furry thing around, I like to come home to them, I let them sleep on my bed,cat's are clean,and smoochy,and soft,unlike our dog who is stinky,drooly,and HEAVY!!!

So today me and the kidlets went to the RSPCA,where I actually Volunteered, for about 2 years while I attempted to become a Vet Nurse....(nope never managed to finish my course)..And have brought home the most Divine girl tabby kitten,Sully picked the name "Luna" and I seconded it and Lincoln just goes along with stuff like that! LOL! She's a sweet little thing,and seems to be settling in ok.

I will miss my beautiful boys,Jai and Pumpkin,I have many memories of them both,and now I want my boys to grow up with a pet that is the whole family's and not just mine.

Will post some pics once she's settled in a bit more...

Went to Walhalla on Sunday,it's our favourite go-to touristy destination,and such a beautiful and interesting place...Took the boys on the goldmine tour and they both loved it.Got lots of pics of the fab cemetary,when you see them you'll understand why it's so cool!...

Have done a page,and some cards,will post them when I get around to it....


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time does fly...

My big Boy,turned 6 yesterday,how did that happen?????(oh and the date is wrong on his "Birth Day" pic...

He loved his "Big" present, a camera,I bought him a tiny,Fuji,P&S and so far he's taken some very good pictures with it,I may have to comandere it for outings and such..it's a lot smaller than mine....

We went to the Zoo for the day with some friends,and he had a ball taking lot's of pictures of the animals...
Only 2 weeks to go until school starts,and so far it hasn't been that bad..Fingers crossed,LOL!!
Have read about 12 books in 2 weeks...Lovin' my kindle.

Am going to a crop on saturday,could be the last one at the Shop I go to,the owner is selling it:( and i can't imagine anyone else being as lovely as she is...:)

So maybe I'll have something to share...or maybe not!
Cheers B

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A couple of Projects


Just thought I'd share some pages I've done recently,The Calender is something I do every year now,they are white board calenders from The Reject Shop/2$ shop,that I scrap over the white board bit,Voila, you have a much nicer customised calender!!

Iv'e used the new release Kaiser Prairie lane,I love the colours in this.Brown and blue is one of my favourite colour combo's.

The other is of my very spunky husband,and his family Daschund,Baron,he thinks he's about 14? years old,We recently got all of his family photo's,so I'm working my way slowly through them,and FYI,I was born the same year this photo was taken....LOL!I really only notice the age difference in circumstances like this.

So I'm finally doing some scrapping...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...

My DH and I are pretty boring people,we've pretty much done all the partying and late nights out that we needed to do ...so we settled in to have a nice quiet nite at home...and Poppet no.2 decided to wake up at about 9pm covered in Vomit!!! Yep,as a parent is there anything worse than a small child,whose upset,covered in Vomit,and all they want from you is cuddles and comfort??? No idea what brought it on,he was a bit pale and sooky for about 1/2 an hour,had another smaller chuck,and off he went back to bed(after I stripped it and remade it of course).He got up this morning perfectly fine...

Went to Chaddy this arvo,I LOOOVVEEE chadstone,it is after all the fashion capital!!!

Christmas Day was a hoot,the boys loved everything that (Santa) brought for them.We had a very low key day with my MIL and the rest of DH's family arriving at various times.And I have been scrapping a bit too..

Cheers B