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Friday, December 18, 2009

Whoo Hoo...First Year of School over....

Yes we survived Prep! Sully has had a Fantastic year,made lots of friends,learned to read, spell and write.So I think it's been a fantastic start to his school career,his report was excellent,with the only negative comment being,that he rushes his work,so he can move on to the next thing,and needs to take more care with his colouring etc..

Lincoln has also finished up at his Daycare ,as next year he will be going to the same Kinder that Sully went to ,so I mourn the loss of my 2 child free whole days a week,back to 3, 3 hour sessions of 4 year old Kinder...pain in the arse really,but then the year after I will finally be able to perhaps turn my crafty talents to something a little more financially viable!! So everyone keeps telling me!

FRREEEDDDDOOMMMM!!!!! ha ha ha ha...nah I love being at home with my boys,it's just so very full on,and I have little in the way of Familial support,and have only recently started to Farm the boys off for a few playdates and stuff..

I have finished making this Kaiser Craft advent calender,quite easy to put together,but lots of prep needed and very fiddly,I am happy with how it has turned out tho...

Have just gotten Linky's kinder photo's,which are just adorable,so look out there may be some scrapping coming up..:)
And I have had yet another dose of Conjuctivitus,yyeerrcckkk....so sick of wiping snotty noses !!!!there's only so much hand washing and germ killer one can deal with!!!
Cheers B

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Marcia said...

I'm loving seeing these advent calendars around the traps and yours is no different - gorgeous.

School days .... I miss having Ashleigh home, love that holidays are on now as she hasn't forgotten how to snuggle and watch TV with me. But I also love having time during the week to devote to my craft. Best of both worlds I say!

:) Marcia