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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Pox!!

Ah we have come across our first childhood disease...The chicken Pox!!! BOTH my boys have come down with it,at the same time...I'ts going to be a loonngg week!!

So far Sully seems to be a little worse off,than Linky.But they are both surprisingly chipper....

In other exciting news...My Kindle arrived in less than 4 days from the USA,and its fantastic!!! I love it!My only gripe would be that the screen needs to be just a bit bigger, it has a keyboard on the body , to search for titles,and that takes up a bit of room..But if the next version has a touch screen,with a pop up keyboard like the iphone has,it would be perfect!!!

I also am nursing a wicked case of Sunburn at the moment,yes totally my own fault...I had the very lovely pleasure of going to the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday,organised by one of my friends Steph,(that's me and her in the pic)and seeing as I was all dressed up,and a bit inebrieated(just a bit) I didn't put any SPF on and am paying for that now!!! And I NEVER expose my skin to the sun without SPF 30,or clothing,or a hat...bit of a Vampire in general in that regards...

I have also started my christmas cards for the year,not really enjoying it,but you know soldiering on..I have two pages to share,the Kitty one is a "blind Scrap" I did on the Scrap therapy website,hosted by Ali, I will certainly have another go at the next one,it's not my usual style,but I kinda like how it turned out..The other is a page about my Parent's in Law's house,they lived in it for over 40 years,and raised my Hubby,and his 2 brothers in it,and my boys have spent many an hour hanging out in the Yard with their much loved Grandpa and Gigi.

Cheers B


Anonymous said...

*Love* the house page. Lauren

Marcia said...

No, not the pox .... aaarrrrggghhhh! Hope you have lots of calamine.

Looking fine too at the races! Hope you had fun.