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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Techno Geek...

I am an odd mix of old fashioned geekiness,and modern geekiness, I love reading(it was my first love) and came into computers quite late in life...I have however quite happily embraced the modern world.I have 3 Ipods, one very old one that sits on my craft desk,one that I walk/run with,and one that I use when trying to block out the child whinge factor..
I also have an Iphone,and yes I luurrvve it!!! About a year or so ago,Kristina Werner, blogged about a gadget called a "Kindle" from Amazon.....

Well ladies and Gents hopefully by this time next week I will have one in my very hot little hands!!!!OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!

In case you don't know what it is...it's an electronic book,about the size of a paperback,that you can download books to via the 3G network...amywhere, any time.It stores 1500 books,you can also download Newspapers and Magazines...And until this monday ot was not available internationally,due to the different networks and copyright laws....But finally (seeing as Australia is sometimes treated like the arse end of the world)lol! it is now winging its way via UPS to my hot little hands...Yes I suppose it is pricey at about $300 AU,but for someone who devours books rather than reads them,and never has time to go book shopping,it will be a godsend!!! And DH has bought it for me as an Early Christmas present, (even tho he already bought us Fleetwood Mac tickets for X-mas)...only because he knows I'm more inclined to let him watch more footy if I have something to read...

So I will start stalking the UPS Man on Monday...And hopefully it lives up to my expectations!!!

Sully is much better,I think he even missed school a bit,but didn't realise until he got back!!I've not done any scrapping,Sob :( but I have altered some mint tins,why do they make them so ugly? No woman wants a bright metallic blue tin in her handbag! or is that just me??? LOL!
Will post some pics when I'm finished.

Cheers B

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