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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So Bored,and unmotivated....thinking I will walk away from scrapbooking for a while...Hopefully the new Christmas Ranges will perk my interest back up...Having my Laundry Renovated at the moment,and of course the boys both want to be in there "helping" The school holidays have been pretty quiet,and the weather has not been so good for outdoor activites...

Whinge Whinge,I know,but hey it's my blog and I'll whinge if I want to!!! LOL!

Linky is off to see a speech pathologist today,I'm not especially worried about his speech,but seeing as he has been a bit of a late bloomer I just want to get a marker of how he is going for his age...It's hard to tell if he's doin ok,compared to his friends who are all younger,and his brother who is/was a very good talker.

Not much else really...Bored, listless,blah,yawn...


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Marcia said...

Brooke, think the weather has got everyone down in the dumps. Don't know about your side of the country, but here, it can't decide if it really wants to share spring with us!

Take a break, always good for recharging the mojo batteries. I find turning the computer off and heading out into the garden helps lift my mood.

And thank you for having a whinge, great to see a blog that isn't all 'nice and fairy' in appearance, love that you tell it like it is! LOL!

Take care, Marcia