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Saturday, July 25, 2009

25th July 2009


Have been mega busy,was hoping that with one kidlet in School,I'd have more time on my hands,but nope! And I love it that way,LOL! Not much in the way of scrapping,but have some pics to share,and one of my cat "Guarding" the slow cooker, the smell drives him crazy,so he sits next to it all say waiting for something to happen so he can eat whats inside!!!He cracks me up!My annual Scrap retreat(holiday)is in 2 weeks time,so I'm saving what little Mojo I have for that, otherwise I'll just drive everyone nuts talking to them,..well more than usual!I'm re -covering all my placemats from home,seeing as they don't match,it's been driving me crazy for years,and rather than chuck them and buy new ones,I'll customize them! And I'm doing 2 albums for a non scrapping friend of mine,for her to pop stuff of her Kidlets in,just very simply done so all she has to do is add photo's.I may even start some christmas pressies and cards.

My classes are going ok,I have one for this monday using the "Wisteria" papers from BG and let's face it I'm a BG girl through and through...

I'm also loving the new Kaiser stuff,especially the storage it comes in!!!!,and the new quarterly mag is also very good,(I'll be scraplifting from that quite a bit on the retreat!)

DH and DS no.1 are at the footy this arvo...snore! and then this evening we are going to DH niece's engagement party.
Then tommorow,its off to target to do a bit of birthday and Christmas Shopping..I saw heaps of things today that the boys would love,but I had DS no.2 with me and we all know that wasn't gonna work!

Cheers B

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Marcia P said...

Your cat cracked me up .... that is way too funny!

Glad everything is going well for your Brooke, hope the retreat is a great relaxing time for you!

Take care,

Marcia P