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Friday, June 12, 2009

Still Here

My Mojo has gone...I mean really gone!! nothing I can do about it,will just take a hiatus for a while and hope it comes back!! I've done maybe two pages in a Month??? I just hate everything I think of,and I don't have any new photo's to play with,so I will wait,it will come back,...it always does!!

Loving my new slow cooker...never wanted one before,as I really thought they were for just making stews and stuff,I never liked stew,so I won't force it on my kids lol!! But my friend Steph lent me her recipe book,and I have been slow cookin' up a storm!! Been reading lot's of Twighlight Fanfic,on the web,they are good,but not as good as Stephanie Myer...

Have a long lost friend coming up from Tassie tommorow,and we are all catching up for dinner and a few drinkies...I hav'nt seen her for nearly 10 years!!! I used to share a house with her and her then fella,so all of us Melbournites are reuniting for one big night!!!Should be good,looking forward to kicking back and having a few..

Then on Sunday I'm doing a class it's a whole album at Scrappy hollow,as a participant,not a teacher...should be lots of fun,may even kickstart my mojo!!!

Anyway I'm off...

Do have some photo's to download, may share them later..

Cheers B

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Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Enjoy your break Brooke, and there is nothing like a great night with friends chattering away.

:) Marcia P