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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey everybody!!! (said like Dr.Nick from the Simpsons...)

Busy,but not really accomplishing anything..Have one of Lincoln's little friends over,playing Playdoh,so while they are in the proximity of the computer I thought I'd blog!

I have some interesting news to share(hopefully soon) but I'm waiting for someone to call me back...

I still have classes up at Scrappy Hollow,for June and July.I havn't really done much at all,I did one page for my friend Ange(will get her permission before popping it on here tho)..and so she thought my Mojo was back....sadly no:(
Footy season is upon my household in a big way,to say DH is fanatical is an understatement...I hate footy,most sport actually! and I become a footy widow this time very year...and just my luck I have 2 boys..so it's basically the rest of my life!! ha ha!

I have been really slack with Lincoln's toilet training,he finally had a break through about 2 weeks ago,and you still have to make him go, he won't ask..but he's coming on nicely after some major resistance!!

Sullivan is still loving school,hasn't missed a day yet,I think he would have to be dying,for him to not go (or have swine flu)...Yesterday as part as his SC role,he had to read a little statement up on stage at assembly,tommorow is a free dress day to raise money for the Guide dogs..He did so well, and I even teared up a little,he's just such a lovely little man, so confident and outgoing,everyone is a friend waiting to be made,I wish I was like him!!!

Went out to see a movie and dinner with my playgroup Mum's last nite,but the Movie was sold out,so we went to Brunetti's off Lygon street for Cake and Coffee and our Monthly catch up,was really nice.

That's about it really,life in a working household I a like to put it!!

Cheers B

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