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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't fall off your chairs!!...

but I have scrapped!!! not a lot,and not terribly well,but I have cut paper nonetheless! Have printed up some more pics to play with so we will see where that goes.. Linky has a nasty cough,and a temp,could be Pig related,but who knows,it has been at Sully's school,last monday there were 7 kids in his class,normally there is 17!..so we are having a lovely "nothing" day at home. I am in need of a new printer however...have just spent 2 hours printing of 1 page of photo's,it get's jammed,and then dies,so I have to turn it off,and delete the print job,start again,very frustrating!!! Off to officeworks soon I think...Don't even get me started on the A3 printer I bought!! It's nothing but a huge waste of space now!!!:(

Been out a lot lately,busy...Another birthday party this Saturday nite,and an all day crop during the day..
Preparing for the SChool Holidays,went through all Sully's craft box,and sorted out what was dry and crusty,and bought both boys new texta's etc...AAhhh nothing like a good sort out!!

Cheers B

Don't fall off your chairs!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Piccies!!

My Children are gorgeous, yes??!! Every Mum thinks that!!! LOL

These were taken on MOnday, the Queens Birthday Holiday,we went to the Arthurs Seat Maze, AWESOME! I highly reccomend that if you have kids,take them,Spring here would be Glorious!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Still Here

My Mojo has gone...I mean really gone!! nothing I can do about it,will just take a hiatus for a while and hope it comes back!! I've done maybe two pages in a Month??? I just hate everything I think of,and I don't have any new photo's to play with,so I will wait,it will come back,...it always does!!

Loving my new slow cooker...never wanted one before,as I really thought they were for just making stews and stuff,I never liked stew,so I won't force it on my kids lol!! But my friend Steph lent me her recipe book,and I have been slow cookin' up a storm!! Been reading lot's of Twighlight Fanfic,on the web,they are good,but not as good as Stephanie Myer...

Have a long lost friend coming up from Tassie tommorow,and we are all catching up for dinner and a few drinkies...I hav'nt seen her for nearly 10 years!!! I used to share a house with her and her then fella,so all of us Melbournites are reuniting for one big night!!!Should be good,looking forward to kicking back and having a few..

Then on Sunday I'm doing a class it's a whole album at Scrappy hollow,as a participant,not a teacher...should be lots of fun,may even kickstart my mojo!!!

Anyway I'm off...

Do have some photo's to download, may share them later..

Cheers B

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey everybody!!! (said like Dr.Nick from the Simpsons...)

Busy,but not really accomplishing anything..Have one of Lincoln's little friends over,playing Playdoh,so while they are in the proximity of the computer I thought I'd blog!

I have some interesting news to share(hopefully soon) but I'm waiting for someone to call me back...

I still have classes up at Scrappy Hollow,for June and July.I havn't really done much at all,I did one page for my friend Ange(will get her permission before popping it on here tho)..and so she thought my Mojo was back....sadly no:(
Footy season is upon my household in a big way,to say DH is fanatical is an understatement...I hate footy,most sport actually! and I become a footy widow this time very year...and just my luck I have 2 boys..so it's basically the rest of my life!! ha ha!

I have been really slack with Lincoln's toilet training,he finally had a break through about 2 weeks ago,and you still have to make him go, he won't ask..but he's coming on nicely after some major resistance!!

Sullivan is still loving school,hasn't missed a day yet,I think he would have to be dying,for him to not go (or have swine flu)...Yesterday as part as his SC role,he had to read a little statement up on stage at assembly,tommorow is a free dress day to raise money for the Guide dogs..He did so well, and I even teared up a little,he's just such a lovely little man, so confident and outgoing,everyone is a friend waiting to be made,I wish I was like him!!!

Went out to see a movie and dinner with my playgroup Mum's last nite,but the Movie was sold out,so we went to Brunetti's off Lygon street for Cake and Coffee and our Monthly catch up,was really nice.

That's about it really,life in a working household I a like to put it!!

Cheers B