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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just stuff

Hi,havn't been doing much so not much to post I'm afraid,Mojo has gone,I've done one page in 10 days,and after a handfull of mothers day cards...no others! I have 2 classes up at Scrappy Hollow,one I'm not so sure about,but one is with the new BG Wisteria papers and I reckon it will go well. Picture to page today with my friend Lauren!,hoping to get inspired...Also have been sucked in badly with an internet book,called "Wide Awake" it's a version of the Twighlight books,same characters,,,different story line,and the chick who is writing it is very talented,alas you can only read it on the net and my eyes are killing me from staring at the screen.....I've got 20 odd long chapters to go!!!

I have always been obsessive about books.Most of my childhood was lived with me holding a book,ready to read at a moments notice,drove my parents crazy!!!and my teachers,and my friends,later my boyfriends....I miss devouring books almost like a lost appendage...Having children is the biggest reason I stopped..no time,and too tired at the end of the day to concentrate,,My I am babbling today aren't I?

Mothers day was nice,the boys gave me some cute pressies,and brekky in bed.That's all I ask for really,My lovely big sis Robyn,smsed me to wish me Happy Mothers day...

That's a whole other blog entry,our Mother is being very difficult at the moment....again,another looong story.Have been running a bit,this last week I had a cold (or the same one from a month ago!!),so I didn't go,but this week I'm hoping to get back into it.,,Just feel Blah at the moment...

Cheers B


Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Hey Brooke, it has been a while - good to hear your still moving about though. I am a book nut, going through all the Jodi Picoult ones at the moment. And I am blessed that my DD has picked up my love for reading - she goes through a babysitters club book a night at the moment! Take care, hope your mojo comes back soon.

:) Marcia P

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

I've lost your email addy,and I want to send you a link ... can you email me - there is a contact me button on my blog.