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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When I make OTP stuff I usually make useful things, like tissue boxes, or notepad holders,I try to avoid lots of layers and ribbons, flowers etc, as I find they just fall off and get wrecked, but I did see this in this months Creative Paper mag, so I thought I'd give it a go, quite like how it turned out,sorry some of my pics have been crooked lately, I have been trying to straighten them in Photoshop elements, but it dosn't seemt to be very effective... still learning:)

Anyhoo, my class went really well, I find teaching comes very naturally to me, and I talk alot,so I think I make people pretty comfortable,all my ladies managed to finish their pages,and nothing went wrong,so I was really pleased, and a few people have signed up for my next class too!! I even had a couple of newbies,and they seemed to be quite happy with how I was doing!!..

Not much on over the Easter break,we went to Hastings for a family outing yesterday, and it was perfect weather, for photo's,and footy! So here are some pics...

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Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Oh, I saw this in their magazine too and thought I might give it a crack .... you have inspired me.

Great photos - definately scrapworthy!