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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some new pages

My Mojo is coming and going at the moment,I've been more interested in sorting my space out,than actually scrapping!!

So here are a couple of pages I've done,lot's of yummy new papers about at the moment,still have some classes organised at Scrappy Hollow,but not enough people signing up for them,it's actually very hard,as you have to make sure it can be done in 2 hours,cater for differeng levels of expertise,and use stuff only available from the shop..and keep the cost down... I usually put a lot more on my pages so it is definately a challenge...

Cold here in Melbourne, but I like the cooler weather more...

Cheers B

Friday, April 17, 2009

Joy! tinged with a little sadness..

We've been slowly clearing out my Mother in laws house,after my father in law, Ray passed away last December.DH went around last night to drop some stuff off at the salvo's,and found a file of Pictures,I had given them to Ray and Ellen after Sullivan was born,the lovely part is,I had actually lost these photo's by editing them in my old Photo software,and not saving the originals,the next time I opened them,they were "broken" and I thought I had lost them forever!!! So i'm very happy that Ray had them,they mean so very much to me,they were taken when Sully was just one day old...

Cheers B

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When I make OTP stuff I usually make useful things, like tissue boxes, or notepad holders,I try to avoid lots of layers and ribbons, flowers etc, as I find they just fall off and get wrecked, but I did see this in this months Creative Paper mag, so I thought I'd give it a go, quite like how it turned out,sorry some of my pics have been crooked lately, I have been trying to straighten them in Photoshop elements, but it dosn't seemt to be very effective... still learning:)

Anyhoo, my class went really well, I find teaching comes very naturally to me, and I talk alot,so I think I make people pretty comfortable,all my ladies managed to finish their pages,and nothing went wrong,so I was really pleased, and a few people have signed up for my next class too!! I even had a couple of newbies,and they seemed to be quite happy with how I was doing!!..

Not much on over the Easter break,we went to Hastings for a family outing yesterday, and it was perfect weather, for photo's,and footy! So here are some pics...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cute, but not neccesarily great photo's...

These two photo's are not the best...you try and take a picture with a 3 year old and a very naughty Beagle... LOL! And the other was with my self timer,and I'm still working out the manual settings on my camera...but I like them due to their quirkiness facter nonetheless!

Oh and other news...I'm teaching my first class of 5! ladies on thursday nite at Scrappy Hollow, bit excited!! Hopefully I'll be able to pull it off without too many stumbles,and get some more classes booked!! Yay Me!

Cheers B

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

School Holidays...

Ah school holidays, Day 2! So far so good, Sully and I went to the movies yesterday, Sully for the first time, ever! and we had a lovely time.Today it's bowling with a group of friends...

So I have the picture of my Kaiser circus train, and I am happy with how it turned out, however,Never again! it was such a pain in the bum to do..But my lovely friend Angela who I made it for has it in her little babies room, so i'm happy to see the end of it!

Also on Saturday I went to the Annual Crop for Kids in Springvale,I sat on the Scrap therapy table,with Felicity (waving hello) and met some lovely ladies there. It wasn't as good as last year, not as much atmosphere... Anyway I did some of Sullivan's first day of school and his Official school photo's,and I'll put them on another day, I really struggle with boring documentation like school pictures, they are hard to make creative... I also made the kaiser tic tac toe, game set, fiddly,and I didn't put to much frou-frou on it,as it's going to get played with by a 3 1/2 and a 5 year old!!!

And finally...I have a scor-pal!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!! I like to make boxes and stuff for my cards, and it gets really tedious doing them with a stylus and a ruler,and they seem to get more innacurate as I go...LOL! so I popped out to Cranbourne and picked myself up one.Love it!!!

Cheers B