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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Scrapping...finally!

Totally into old book pages at the moment, these are from a very cheap copy of Alice in Wonderland LOL!...Really quick and easy page using october Afternoon papers...love them! My two little monsters,this was taken on one of our many little forays into the outer suburbs of Melbourne, we had a lovely picnic lunch, and the boys had these face cookies as a treat.

And the cards are from the Basic grey, card kits...Baby, and Marrakech, love basic grey, I'd marry their papers if I could!!! I now have so many of these cards I don't know what to do with them!!!

I'm mourning the loss of the best Photo printing paper EVER!!! It was in the Reject Shop about 6 months ago,it was matte, I mean really matte, mineral paper and only 2$ a packet! I should have bought evey packet they had, because now they don't sell it anymore....Poop!I hate gloss paper, and the matte paper from Rabbit etc, is not the same..:(

In other news,I have decided that if Lincoln's new Daycare centre has the same concerns, I will have him re-assessed, it breaks my heart to think he may not reach his full potential, because of some kind of label, but if it helps him along then what can do? I'm his Mum,I have to make sure that he gets all the extra help he needs, I suppose one way or another,I want a diagnosis this time!!And thanks to Marcia, for her take on things..:)

Cheers B

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Marcia P said...

I would have no room in my scrap space if I bought up everything they had, just in case it never gets stocked again! LOL! It is so good when you get onto a good thing and then you run out, and bam, you wish you had bought more. I am like that about Basic Grey's Urban Prairie range at the moment. I wish I had bought more, now it is hard to get!

Good on you for your thoughts on your little man! Way to go. Can't hurt and the worst they can do is give him a label, but hey, with that label opens up a whole new adventure of bringing the best out in him. Good luck.