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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photo Challenge Tag..

Marcia P from http://www.thestampspot.blogspot.com/ has asked me to participate in this challenge,this is the 6th photo in my 6th file..

The pic is of my Nephew, Stephen and My Sully,we went to visit them in Angelsea after christmas, for a day at the beach...it was awful weather, cold and windy!! But the boys and their cousins all get on famously so they had fun just being together.

Now I should know how to add URL's...but I don't!!! That's what happens when you don't work in an office with Adults for 6 years...you lose touch!!

So I will just put the URL's in but I can't link them...

http://www.jamsandwichesonthehill.blogspot.com/ is by my friend Sharon, who works at the Scrap book scene in Burwood..

http://felicity-lifeslittlemoments.blogspot.com/ is by my friend Felicity who I met through doing crops at the Scrap book scene..

http://www.jaynemercer.com/blogs/index.php is a blog I visit for Stampin'up Inspiration..

that's about all of the people I know personally through their blogs...

So have fun.


P.S Sullivan starts Prep on Tuesday!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

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