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Monday, February 9, 2009

Here we go again..

Feeling like crap this afternoon, Lincoln's Occasional Care Teacher, has brought up that she has some concerns about Lincoln's Language, and behavioural issues.. :( Nothing too alarming, but I went through this when he was 9 months old up to 18 months old, and all the specialists concluded he was fine)...I some times feel like I'm bluffing the world about him, and that eventually someone will figure out there is something wrong with him...I spent almost a year watching everything he did trying to see if there was an obvious sign that he wasn't doing "normal" things.... I think his speech and use of language is pretty good, but I don't really have anyone his age to compare him with...Sullivan was always pretty advanced, and so I really don't know what normal is??!! Anyway it's just brought up a lot of stuff that I really struggled with for a long time.

Cheers B

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Marcia P said...

Brooke, I spent some time working as a Special Needs Education Assistant and all I can say is thank you for showing the concern you do. You have taken the time to have him checked out. So many parents are in denial and that is so frustrating as a care giver. Take on board what has been said to you, they are only doing their job. But as a parent you know, your on the ball and kudos to you.

:) Marcia