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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy, Busy,Busy!!

Have heaps of stuff on at the Moment, been busy glamourising my Blog,in case you hadn't noticed!! Have been looking after lot's of Sullivan's friends, which I love doing...always wanted lots of kids, but we have stopped at two!We are as I type this having split system aircon, put in the 3 bedrooms,our house gets super hot in Summer and freezing in winter,and after the last couple of hot days we decided to just bite the bullet and get it done!!..And then I'm off to scrappy hollow with a friend, a Dr's appt at 3pm and picking up of Lincoln at his Daycare at 4.30!!! Phew!

And who says Mum's don't have work to do!!

Cheers B

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pretty in Pink..

Ah love that movie, yes i'm an 80's child..LOL!

This is my friend Louisa's little Angel, Ellie, and our kids have all grown up together, Lincoln and I went to Ellies 3rd Birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and this was one of the Many cute pics I got of her.Don't get to do Pink girly stuff often, so this was a bit of a challenge..But i'm pretty pleased with it!

Cheers B

Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Mend..

Feel much better today, am fairly Ambulant..(one of my favourite words!)Have walked the 4 blocks up and Back to Sully's school, and am mostly drug free!

Still a bit stiff if I sit for too long.

Managed this page today, have always loved this SEI paper, and had this transparency for ages,with no idea what to use it on!! I took the picture last winter, and hadn't really looked at it until recently, it just captures Linky's devotion to being an outdoor boy!

Had the pic printed at Teds,don't think I like them,Harvey Norman is next...

Cheers B

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scratch that...

Ok it is almost as bad as my 2 ceasars...I sometimes pretend i'm superwoman (like all Mum's!) and I just go and go and go, and then crash in a heap!
Lay down on the couch last night, for a couple of hours to rest and watch teev, and found when I went to get up the local anaesthetic had worn off.....OMG, very bad!

So am a tad indisposed, and nothing much will be done today...And like most women, I find it very hard to do nothing,when my house is untidy, shopping needs to be done,and children need to be dressed etc..I'm not known for my ability to sit still for very long. LOL!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The joys of being a woman...

Just a quick post, bit ouchy!! Have had a "endemetrinoma" removed today, basically it's endemetriosis (which I've never suffered from as far as I can tell!)that formed in between my ceasarean scar internally, but under the skin externally, it was a big nasty lump that was worse when I got my period,just like endemetriosis!!!So anyway feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself,not nearly as bad as a Ceasarean tho!

Picking up some pictures that I had done at Ted's tommorow, so hopefully I will get some scrapping in soon.

Cheers B

Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting into the swing of things now...!

This is of my very good friend Reg, with her little boy Alister, who is now 1! So it's been a long time coming!!! The colours were really hard to work with, so I kept it nice and simple,it's mostly scraplifted from a page in this months SB creations, by Helen Karanfilovski and here he is just recently...isnt he just adorable!!!??

Cheers B

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Scrapping...finally!

Totally into old book pages at the moment, these are from a very cheap copy of Alice in Wonderland LOL!...Really quick and easy page using october Afternoon papers...love them! My two little monsters,this was taken on one of our many little forays into the outer suburbs of Melbourne, we had a lovely picnic lunch, and the boys had these face cookies as a treat.

And the cards are from the Basic grey, card kits...Baby, and Marrakech, love basic grey, I'd marry their papers if I could!!! I now have so many of these cards I don't know what to do with them!!!

I'm mourning the loss of the best Photo printing paper EVER!!! It was in the Reject Shop about 6 months ago,it was matte, I mean really matte, mineral paper and only 2$ a packet! I should have bought evey packet they had, because now they don't sell it anymore....Poop!I hate gloss paper, and the matte paper from Rabbit etc, is not the same..:(

In other news,I have decided that if Lincoln's new Daycare centre has the same concerns, I will have him re-assessed, it breaks my heart to think he may not reach his full potential, because of some kind of label, but if it helps him along then what can do? I'm his Mum,I have to make sure that he gets all the extra help he needs, I suppose one way or another,I want a diagnosis this time!!And thanks to Marcia, for her take on things..:)

Cheers B

Monday, February 9, 2009

Here we go again..

Feeling like crap this afternoon, Lincoln's Occasional Care Teacher, has brought up that she has some concerns about Lincoln's Language, and behavioural issues.. :( Nothing too alarming, but I went through this when he was 9 months old up to 18 months old, and all the specialists concluded he was fine)...I some times feel like I'm bluffing the world about him, and that eventually someone will figure out there is something wrong with him...I spent almost a year watching everything he did trying to see if there was an obvious sign that he wasn't doing "normal" things.... I think his speech and use of language is pretty good, but I don't really have anyone his age to compare him with...Sullivan was always pretty advanced, and so I really don't know what normal is??!! Anyway it's just brought up a lot of stuff that I really struggled with for a long time.

Cheers B


Well my first week of Sullivan at school has been bliss!!! Lincoln is so much easier to deal with on his own, and it allows his cheeky little personality to shine through!!! Looking at getting him into a WHOLE day of childcare, on a wednesday, selfish I know, but just one day of child free time would be fantastic, I don't have any family close by, and so it's just me, 24/7(and of course Hubby) but that's it!

Lincoln needs some other little kids to play with,and the centre I'm looking at is very stuctured, so I think it will be good for him.

On a sadder note, yes the bushfires are horrible, but we've been through this before, and as Aussies we'll pull together and Re-build,I lived in Hepburn Springs for 8 years as a kid, during that time we had Ash Wednesday,in Macedon, which is not far from there, as a kid it was terrifying..all can say is, thank god I no longer live in the Bush!!!

Not much else happening, still getting into the groove of being a school Mum!!!..Oh and listening to the Twighlight soundtrack...AWESOME!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sullivan's first Day of Prep..


well here he is, my firstborn, all grown up!!

He had a very exciting morning,and there were no tears from him or me!!
We will be picking him up at 12.40pm,and he dosn't have a full day until friday tho..

Cheers B

Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Page..

This was taken last year, but I only just got around to doing it... As of Tommorow, Sullivan starts Prep!! So with just Lincoln around I'm hoping to get loads more done!!! In all aspects of my life!!!

Sullivan and Lincoln fight and argue, and wrestle constantly, but any time they are in a unfamiliar situation, they stick to each other like glue!!! So as they get older I hope they will stay close...I never had that, I have a brother that I no longer speak to (it's complicated..) and we were never close, I don't know if that's beacause we were brother and sister, and not brother and brother, or if it was just us.So I can only hope my boys get along better than we did!!

And if you were wondering, there will be no tears from me tommorow, I know Sully is sooo ready for school, and I've done the best I can do for the last 5 years, 24/7....I'll have the obigatory first day of school pics tommorow..:).

Cheers B

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photo Challenge Tag..

Marcia P from http://www.thestampspot.blogspot.com/ has asked me to participate in this challenge,this is the 6th photo in my 6th file..

The pic is of my Nephew, Stephen and My Sully,we went to visit them in Angelsea after christmas, for a day at the beach...it was awful weather, cold and windy!! But the boys and their cousins all get on famously so they had fun just being together.

Now I should know how to add URL's...but I don't!!! That's what happens when you don't work in an office with Adults for 6 years...you lose touch!!

So I will just put the URL's in but I can't link them...

http://www.jamsandwichesonthehill.blogspot.com/ is by my friend Sharon, who works at the Scrap book scene in Burwood..

http://felicity-lifeslittlemoments.blogspot.com/ is by my friend Felicity who I met through doing crops at the Scrap book scene..

http://www.jaynemercer.com/blogs/index.php is a blog I visit for Stampin'up Inspiration..

that's about all of the people I know personally through their blogs...

So have fun.


P.S Sullivan starts Prep on Tuesday!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!