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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A funny thing Happened at 4 in the morning...

My very old Kitty ,Pumpkin, who very rarely hunts any more, brought me a little "Present" last night...a mouse, a live one!! And although I don't have any real issues with my cats bringing home vermin, I don't like having them let loose in the house, only to die of shock and internal bleeding somewhere where you can't get to them....

So I've jumped out of bed, in the Nuddy..yes I sleep in the Nude, and picked up the cat with mouse in mouth,the cat's little heart is pounding away, run to the front door opened it, whacked the cat in the face with the Screen door (I didn't realise it was closed..)and turfed the cat into the front yard...and all this being very bleary eyed,as I wear contacts to bed, and I need to put drops in my eyes just to get them lubricated after sleeping with them,...turned to go back to bed,and then I faltered...I couldn't just leave the poor little thing to be crunched up, had better give him a fighting chance!!! So prised open the cats mouth and out he plopped with a squeek...then he kinda half fell over and tried to run,so I picked him up ever so gently, to move him to safety...and he bit me!!!!!I admit I dropped the poor little thing out of surprise.. and of course the cat is frantic,sniffing and all wild eyed about where his catch is,so I pick up the mouse again, and try to find a place where the cat won't get to him, not easy, he's a cat!! He's gonna find him wherever I put him...almost considered running across the street,but of course,I'm STILL Naked....in the end I let him go in the bushes, while the cat was distracted..I will never know if he got away but at least I tried!!

XB cheers

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david said...

Hahaha. That is hilarioius!