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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whoo Hoo!!

I have finally stepped out of my comfort Zone, and as of the 5th of March, I will be teaching a Distressed Vintage class,at Scrappy Hollow!!! I'm so excited! I love scrapping, and I love to teach people what I know, and I can talk the leg off a table, so hopefully the people who sign up for my class like what I do, and I get a bit of a following....:)

I'm also maybe going to do some stuff for their design team!!! Yay!!

Bit excited....!!!
Cheers B

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scrap Storage..

I Get a bit excited when I find new ways to store all my craft stuff,I have a little area off from my kitchen where I scrap,I have one of those fabulous scrap table/storage units(My Space)...but I quite often just screw things to the wall, only to get disproving looks from Hubby...

Any way there was something similar to this idea at http://craftystorage.blogspot.com/

So off I went cordless drill in hand,Voila! I already had my stickers etc, on rings, but they were just lying in a box on my shelf, and I couldn't really see what I had, the curse of crafters everywhere!!This way it's all accessible, and I just love it!!

Cheers B

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, I'm back after a very nasty bout of Gastro, all four of us ended up getting it within 24 hours of each other! Poor Lincoln was the worst,he was up spewing from 11pm till 3am, every time he lay down, so even though he was ok in between spews, being horizontal didn't help, and he has issues with using a bucket,in that he WON"T!!!, so any way I got it at about 6am,which left me incapacitated for the better part of 2 days, today is the first day i've been able to stay upright for more than 5 minutes,I have really low blood pressure,and the fact that I hadn't eaten properly for 2 days wasn't helping things.But here i am ready to tackle 37 degree heat,,,YAY!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Too late she cried...

Sullivan has come down with the same thing his Dad had on Wednesday...Great, only a matter of time before either Lincoln and I get it! And Sullivan's 5th birthday is on Sunday! He's had a bit of a sleep,which is how I know he's crook,seeing as he stopped sleeping in the day, from about 6 months old!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Told you it was back...!!

Alas this one is mostly scraplifted, from an American book called 601 great scrapbooking ideas, and it's by ,an Aussie of all people!!!, Sarah Van Wijck,I just tweaked it a bit, to make it my own..And sorry for the pic quality,I don't usually use gloss paper for just this reason...too hard to get a clear, non flash shot.

The Mojo is back ..Yeah Baby!

here's a couple of LO's I've done,one today, one at my last all day crop,Lincoln quite often falls asleep at dinner time, he's cute that way!! and the other is from our holiday in QLD and NSW last year. The friends we stayed with we met on our Honeymoon in Vanuatu,and we've stayed in touch.So it was great to catch up with them!

More coming...

A funny thing Happened at 4 in the morning...

My very old Kitty ,Pumpkin, who very rarely hunts any more, brought me a little "Present" last night...a mouse, a live one!! And although I don't have any real issues with my cats bringing home vermin, I don't like having them let loose in the house, only to die of shock and internal bleeding somewhere where you can't get to them....

So I've jumped out of bed, in the Nuddy..yes I sleep in the Nude, and picked up the cat with mouse in mouth,the cat's little heart is pounding away, run to the front door opened it, whacked the cat in the face with the Screen door (I didn't realise it was closed..)and turfed the cat into the front yard...and all this being very bleary eyed,as I wear contacts to bed, and I need to put drops in my eyes just to get them lubricated after sleeping with them,...turned to go back to bed,and then I faltered...I couldn't just leave the poor little thing to be crunched up, had better give him a fighting chance!!! So prised open the cats mouth and out he plopped with a squeek...then he kinda half fell over and tried to run,so I picked him up ever so gently, to move him to safety...and he bit me!!!!!I admit I dropped the poor little thing out of surprise.. and of course the cat is frantic,sniffing and all wild eyed about where his catch is,so I pick up the mouse again, and try to find a place where the cat won't get to him, not easy, he's a cat!! He's gonna find him wherever I put him...almost considered running across the street,but of course,I'm STILL Naked....in the end I let him go in the bushes, while the cat was distracted..I will never know if he got away but at least I tried!!

XB cheers

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuck at Home

Here's a LO from ages ago, i'm not sure if it's in my gallery, but there are so many to upload, and it takes too long.This was done middle of last year, I had some amazing MOJO going, and I loved every page I did, well it's gone now...LOL! But it always comes back!

Well the change has come through early, but my boys are so feral at the moment I'm loathe to take them anywhere...And poor DH has come home from work sick as a dog,I'm assuming Gastro, but it usually manifests itself through the children first...AARRggh I hope not, as awful as it sounds I hope i'ts food poisioning, then at least I may avoid getting it...


Monday, January 12, 2009

My first attempt at Scanning and Stitching...

Has to be easier than the 2 hours it took me....!!!???
Anyway you can tell its been scanned and stitched together, i'm hoping practice makes perfect...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi All,

Have had Lot's of just "stuff" on lately, so have been unable to either Scrap or blog!! We are off to Sullivan's kinder friend Ethan's 5th birthday today, he's having it at the Altona Miniature Railway, so I'm sure it will be a blast!!! Me not being the particularly outdoorsy type, hates these type of outings, but hey , you don't do it for yourself do you?? LOL!! We spent a day down at Anglesea last week as Michael was off work for a week, so here's a pic of all the boys together, good lookin' bunch hey?

CHeers B