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I dabble in sooooo many things, Aromatherapy, DIY Cosmetics, Crafts, Paper crafts, I'm also an organisational freak. I am in my final year of a BA in Fine Arts,majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, in Melbourne, to further expand my little jewellery business, BabblingBee. I Have 2 gorgeous boys, Sullivan aged 10 and Lincoln aged 9. Happily Married to Michael for 12 years.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking...

You may or may not know,that I sometimes dabble in Digi Scrapping,and hybrid Scrapping too,this is a gorgeous Digi kit called "Clementine",from Shabby Princess,they do the most divine Downloadables.. I like to break out the Digi sometimes,when I'm in the lounge in front of the Tele,less messy!

So this picture is the same as the one below,just done as a Digital Scrapbook Page.

Cheers B.

Oh and Merry Christmas! I'm taking bets that the $5 jelly bean pooping reindeer will be the hit of the day!LOL!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas photo shoot...

I actually don't really like Christmas,if we didn't have kids we wouldn't really celebrate it at all...When you don't have any family,it's just build up to another day...That's a whole other story tho...LOL!

So I asked the boys to let me take some NICE pictures of them,which I havn't done for ages,as they are usually filthy,wearing orange and red,or just totally non co-operative.This morning I cleaned them up after brekky,dressed them in nuetral colours,and took some pics...probably about 60? Maybe 5 of them are any good,silly smiles,silly faces,not looking at the camera,fighting with each other....Oh my word it's hard work!!

So here's the pick of the bunch..

Merry Christmas (Bah Humbug)

Cheers B

Friday, December 18, 2009

Whoo Hoo...First Year of School over....

Yes we survived Prep! Sully has had a Fantastic year,made lots of friends,learned to read, spell and write.So I think it's been a fantastic start to his school career,his report was excellent,with the only negative comment being,that he rushes his work,so he can move on to the next thing,and needs to take more care with his colouring etc..

Lincoln has also finished up at his Daycare ,as next year he will be going to the same Kinder that Sully went to ,so I mourn the loss of my 2 child free whole days a week,back to 3, 3 hour sessions of 4 year old Kinder...pain in the arse really,but then the year after I will finally be able to perhaps turn my crafty talents to something a little more financially viable!! So everyone keeps telling me!

FRREEEDDDDOOMMMM!!!!! ha ha ha ha...nah I love being at home with my boys,it's just so very full on,and I have little in the way of Familial support,and have only recently started to Farm the boys off for a few playdates and stuff..

I have finished making this Kaiser Craft advent calender,quite easy to put together,but lots of prep needed and very fiddly,I am happy with how it has turned out tho...

Have just gotten Linky's kinder photo's,which are just adorable,so look out there may be some scrapping coming up..:)
And I have had yet another dose of Conjuctivitus,yyeerrcckkk....so sick of wiping snotty noses !!!!there's only so much hand washing and germ killer one can deal with!!!
Cheers B

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look out,even more Craft!!!,and my Kindle..

I'm sure you've all been wanting to see,this is my Kindle!!!,the Skin is from the US,(of course),and you can get many designs,it just helps to personalise it and protect it from scratches and stuff....Still loving it,havn't had lots of time to read tho...

The other photo's are of a little post it note holder I've beem making,inspiration from Chic"n"scratch,in the USA,and My ribbon Jar which I got the inspiration from Nichole Heady's Blog(From Papertrey INK)...The Label is a free download from the "Graphics Fairy", she does beautiful Vintage inpired Clip art,love her stuff...
And a notebook,using Websters Pages,PP.

Cheers B

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Look out...CRAFT!

Here's some stuff I had made in the last few months,but hadn't taken pics of..
My Christmas card for this year,using a cuttlebug folder,ink,and a stamped image,very easy...My Mint tins that I mentioned ages ago,and my DS's Teacher gift for his first year at school,the stamps I used on the front and the design, comes from Papertrey Ink,an American company that does the most useful and beautiful acrylic stamps,and they arrived today!!!! (Sunday) I stalk my postie/parcel man,but he took me quite by surprise,apparently it's because of the huge Christmas influx.
Cheers B

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon...

Saw it,loved it,can't wait till the next one...

Decided to avoid the screaming teenage girls on the opening night and went today on my kid free day,and it was sooo good,I suppose it's not in the "best movie ever made" catorgory,but it keeps the books alive for me...

Have no mojo ....still.Done all my christmas cards,survived children with chicken pox,not alot happening...have to go pick up poppet No.2...
Might be back later.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quarantine Day 3...

The pox are certainly in full swing now,Sully who hasn't been immunised is COVERED! in them,Linky who has been immunised has maybe 20?...so case in point,get your littlies,who missed out on the Scheduled Chicken Pox Vaccine, done!!!I have been meaning to get Sully done before he started School, and never got around to it..I mean he's ok,and I had chicken pox as a kid,having not being immunised, but it does seem
to be much milder if you immunise them...

On another very sad note,My beautiful Cat Jai died yesterday sometime.My neighbour across the road came to tell me late yesterday,that there was a black cat dead under a lavender bush in their back yard,I was sooo hoping it wasn't him...It was,he was nearly 17 years old,and until quite recently had been pretty healthy.I saw him last alive on Monday afternoon,and he looked hot and tired,I gave him a bit of a pat,and then he went outside...Looks like he just lay down under the shady bush,and fell asleep and passed away peacefully,can't ask for a much better way to go...He was the funniest cat,so many people from my life have great "Jai" stories...I've had lots of condolences already...I have another cat Pumpkin.that is also very old,and my heart is just broken thinking of losing them both....

RIP Jai,1993?-2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Pox!!

Ah we have come across our first childhood disease...The chicken Pox!!! BOTH my boys have come down with it,at the same time...I'ts going to be a loonngg week!!

So far Sully seems to be a little worse off,than Linky.But they are both surprisingly chipper....

In other exciting news...My Kindle arrived in less than 4 days from the USA,and its fantastic!!! I love it!My only gripe would be that the screen needs to be just a bit bigger, it has a keyboard on the body , to search for titles,and that takes up a bit of room..But if the next version has a touch screen,with a pop up keyboard like the iphone has,it would be perfect!!!

I also am nursing a wicked case of Sunburn at the moment,yes totally my own fault...I had the very lovely pleasure of going to the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday,organised by one of my friends Steph,(that's me and her in the pic)and seeing as I was all dressed up,and a bit inebrieated(just a bit) I didn't put any SPF on and am paying for that now!!! And I NEVER expose my skin to the sun without SPF 30,or clothing,or a hat...bit of a Vampire in general in that regards...

I have also started my christmas cards for the year,not really enjoying it,but you know soldiering on..I have two pages to share,the Kitty one is a "blind Scrap" I did on the Scrap therapy website,hosted by Ali, I will certainly have another go at the next one,it's not my usual style,but I kinda like how it turned out..The other is a page about my Parent's in Law's house,they lived in it for over 40 years,and raised my Hubby,and his 2 brothers in it,and my boys have spent many an hour hanging out in the Yard with their much loved Grandpa and Gigi.

Cheers B

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Techno Geek...

I am an odd mix of old fashioned geekiness,and modern geekiness, I love reading(it was my first love) and came into computers quite late in life...I have however quite happily embraced the modern world.I have 3 Ipods, one very old one that sits on my craft desk,one that I walk/run with,and one that I use when trying to block out the child whinge factor..
I also have an Iphone,and yes I luurrvve it!!! About a year or so ago,Kristina Werner, blogged about a gadget called a "Kindle" from Amazon.....

Well ladies and Gents hopefully by this time next week I will have one in my very hot little hands!!!!OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!

In case you don't know what it is...it's an electronic book,about the size of a paperback,that you can download books to via the 3G network...amywhere, any time.It stores 1500 books,you can also download Newspapers and Magazines...And until this monday ot was not available internationally,due to the different networks and copyright laws....But finally (seeing as Australia is sometimes treated like the arse end of the world)lol! it is now winging its way via UPS to my hot little hands...Yes I suppose it is pricey at about $300 AU,but for someone who devours books rather than reads them,and never has time to go book shopping,it will be a godsend!!! And DH has bought it for me as an Early Christmas present, (even tho he already bought us Fleetwood Mac tickets for X-mas)...only because he knows I'm more inclined to let him watch more footy if I have something to read...

So I will start stalking the UPS Man on Monday...And hopefully it lives up to my expectations!!!

Sully is much better,I think he even missed school a bit,but didn't realise until he got back!!I've not done any scrapping,Sob :( but I have altered some mint tins,why do they make them so ugly? No woman wants a bright metallic blue tin in her handbag! or is that just me??? LOL!
Will post some pics when I'm finished.

Cheers B

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My big boy is still sick,he got up for school today,but fell in a heap before even getting dressed...put him back to bed and he's just woken up now....

Sullivan tends to just go,and go,and go,everyone told me that starting school makes them tired....they lied! He still goes and goes...LOL!
So I know he's not well when he sleeps during the day.He's also very bubbly,(like me)and even when he's sick he still has a smile on his face,bless 'im!

So day two of being stuck at home on nice sunny days,Linky is with me,he's just filling in time by eating,its what he does...

I've been blogging,found some really great Vintage clip art sites...Almost makes me want to scrap...
Cheers B

Monday, October 19, 2009


Have a sick poppet at home today and my little fella was sick last week.Always something preventing me getting stuff done...LOL!

Some pics of the now completed Laundry...Not very exciting,but heeeaaapppsss better!! not alot to work with and like all old houses many compromises...
Alas there are no cards or Scrapbook Pages to show,there has been no activity there for weeks,months even..Stalled,totally...So yes I have walked away,hopefully just for now..There was just no joy in anything I was creating....Bit Sad ...what am I if not a Dedicated Scrapbooker???? Who will document every minute detail of my family's day to day drivel??? lol!

Cheers B

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So Bored,and unmotivated....thinking I will walk away from scrapbooking for a while...Hopefully the new Christmas Ranges will perk my interest back up...Having my Laundry Renovated at the moment,and of course the boys both want to be in there "helping" The school holidays have been pretty quiet,and the weather has not been so good for outdoor activites...

Whinge Whinge,I know,but hey it's my blog and I'll whinge if I want to!!! LOL!

Linky is off to see a speech pathologist today,I'm not especially worried about his speech,but seeing as he has been a bit of a late bloomer I just want to get a marker of how he is going for his age...It's hard to tell if he's doin ok,compared to his friends who are all younger,and his brother who is/was a very good talker.

Not much else really...Bored, listless,blah,yawn...


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Covered Notebooks

Still making notebooks...These plain ones are from the Reject shop,you get 5 for a dollar!!! And I've been busy using my Cardstock scraps,to make the covers,So easy to do,I got the inspiration for these particular ones from "billieprd",shes an aussie Stampin' Up! demonstrator who does awesome little video tutorials...if you google her you should be able to find her stuff easy enough,sorry I kinda know how to add links,but they always seem to go awry!!!

Also making lots of these little packs of gift cards,using my new obsession,Copic markers!!! not sure who for,I just like makin' em! I'm happiest when I'm crafting LOL!

Cheers B

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Linky turns Four!!!

No I can't believe my baby boy has turned 4 either!!!

He had a lovely day at kinder, on wednesday,his actual birthday,and his first party on Saturday.Crazy!!!!Trying to corral them all in one place was hard work! But they all seemed to have a great time!!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gotta Love Nestabilities...

Made this card a while ago,I used to be crazy in love with Daisy D's paper,but it's not around as much these days...
Found a few decent sized scraps,and got to work!!the stamp is from Stampin'up's Eastern Blooms set....Oh and the reason I don't put "supplies" on my posts is because, honestly I use so many things that I've had for ages, I can never remember half the paper names or embellies etc...I use a lot of found objects too.

But love my nestabilities,really easy to use in my cuttlebug,and great value.


P.S waiting for a parcel of Copic Markers so hopefully will get to play with them this weekend,and post some new cards next week...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Card...

Was so excited the other day that my card photo's are now turning out so much better,thought I'd post another!

I finally bought a Bind-it-all on the weekend,its a lot of fun!! The first 2 things I made were ok,the 3rd...not so! LOL! will have to have a bit more of a play in doing wider things...
Lincoln,my "little" boy turns 4 tommorow! I can't believe how quickly that time has gone by.He's having a little party on Saturday,(his first)seeing as now he has his own friends as opposed to just hanging out with Sully's friends and their siblings..I'm making Jelly tonite to take to Daycare tommorow too...Busy,Busy...Busy!

Cheers B

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stuff I've Been doing..

Hello, I've been working on my techniques for sharing some of my other projects,finally after reading Kristina Werner's Blog recently,I set up my own little "Studio" and have been using the Macro setting on my camera to get nice crisp shots of cards etc...Yes I make cards...lots of them,I just found them hard to photograph until now! so stay tuned for some more from now on!And I've recently discovered Copic Markers...I used them on Lincoln's Aligator birthday card I luuurrvvve them, tiny bit focused about getting all 300odd colours..yeah well I did say I was a bit obsessed!!! LOL!

Now the placemats are the ones I re-covered at the Retreat a few weeks back,and I'm happy to report that they are all still,"Stuck" and wipe off beautifully,with my two boys that's a must!

The little notebooks are an obession I've had since I was young, I have always loved notebooks,and used to make my own all the time,but now I think I've finally perfected my technique! So quick and easy to make with scraps,and even old ugly spiral ones that I had lying around.

What else? Oh the butterfly frame,I just love these Amy Butler Butterflies and it took me ages to find some,not sure if I'll keep this or give it to someone as a gift..I think it would look good on a little girls bedroom wall...

And a LO!, this is a classic freemasons dinner photo,from the mid to late
60's of my late father in Law Ray,and mother in Law Ellen..

This is my big Boy dressed up as "The very Hungry Caterpillar",paper crafty I am,sewing and costumey,I aint!!!But he had fun joining in the parade.

Lincoln turns 4 on Wednesday, I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast..I do wish Hubby and I had started just a bit earlier,so I could have had just one more baby...I love 'em.

So enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back from Retreat...

Had a blast at The annual Scrapbook Scene Retreat, and I think this one was even better than last year!!!

Didn't think I would get much done,but I did 4 pages,about 10 pre done pages for my friends "ready to add photo's "album.... re covered all of my placemats and coasters,(totally on to something there!!!)some christmas cards,a couple of card gift boxes,oh and lots of chatting,drinking and eating!!!

So some pages to share...and me and my Scrap bestie,Lauren...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just a quick post...

Did these a while ago,but wanted to get my Lovely friend Angela's permission before I put her and her gorgeous poppet,James on my Blog!

One is totally my "intelectual Property" lol,so to speak,and the other is a direct scraplift from the new kaiser Catalogue...like I said my Mojo had gone totally,so I had to resort to scraplifting...

3 more sleeps to Reeetreeaat!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ooo eerr look out!

I think...maybe...perhaps, my MOJO is back!!!! Yay!!,I don't care where it's been, I won't ask questions...I'm really pleased with this page,took less than a couple of hours to do,I used lots of things from my stash that I have had for ages...and the paper which is by Websters Pages really inspires me, I love vintage and the Shabby Chic look,it's right up my creative alley!

So I have tweaked it a bit more,since I took this photo,but anyway,very happy!

Whhoo Hoo!!!
oh and for my Scrap Scene friends who read this....REEEETREEEEEAT!!!!!! LOL!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

25th July 2009


Have been mega busy,was hoping that with one kidlet in School,I'd have more time on my hands,but nope! And I love it that way,LOL! Not much in the way of scrapping,but have some pics to share,and one of my cat "Guarding" the slow cooker, the smell drives him crazy,so he sits next to it all say waiting for something to happen so he can eat whats inside!!!He cracks me up!My annual Scrap retreat(holiday)is in 2 weeks time,so I'm saving what little Mojo I have for that, otherwise I'll just drive everyone nuts talking to them,..well more than usual!I'm re -covering all my placemats from home,seeing as they don't match,it's been driving me crazy for years,and rather than chuck them and buy new ones,I'll customize them! And I'm doing 2 albums for a non scrapping friend of mine,for her to pop stuff of her Kidlets in,just very simply done so all she has to do is add photo's.I may even start some christmas pressies and cards.

My classes are going ok,I have one for this monday using the "Wisteria" papers from BG and let's face it I'm a BG girl through and through...

I'm also loving the new Kaiser stuff,especially the storage it comes in!!!!,and the new quarterly mag is also very good,(I'll be scraplifting from that quite a bit on the retreat!)

DH and DS no.1 are at the footy this arvo...snore! and then this evening we are going to DH niece's engagement party.
Then tommorow,its off to target to do a bit of birthday and Christmas Shopping..I saw heaps of things today that the boys would love,but I had DS no.2 with me and we all know that wasn't gonna work!

Cheers B

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't fall off your chairs!!...

but I have scrapped!!! not a lot,and not terribly well,but I have cut paper nonetheless! Have printed up some more pics to play with so we will see where that goes.. Linky has a nasty cough,and a temp,could be Pig related,but who knows,it has been at Sully's school,last monday there were 7 kids in his class,normally there is 17!..so we are having a lovely "nothing" day at home. I am in need of a new printer however...have just spent 2 hours printing of 1 page of photo's,it get's jammed,and then dies,so I have to turn it off,and delete the print job,start again,very frustrating!!! Off to officeworks soon I think...Don't even get me started on the A3 printer I bought!! It's nothing but a huge waste of space now!!!:(

Been out a lot lately,busy...Another birthday party this Saturday nite,and an all day crop during the day..
Preparing for the SChool Holidays,went through all Sully's craft box,and sorted out what was dry and crusty,and bought both boys new texta's etc...AAhhh nothing like a good sort out!!

Cheers B

Don't fall off your chairs!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Piccies!!

My Children are gorgeous, yes??!! Every Mum thinks that!!! LOL

These were taken on MOnday, the Queens Birthday Holiday,we went to the Arthurs Seat Maze, AWESOME! I highly reccomend that if you have kids,take them,Spring here would be Glorious!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Still Here

My Mojo has gone...I mean really gone!! nothing I can do about it,will just take a hiatus for a while and hope it comes back!! I've done maybe two pages in a Month??? I just hate everything I think of,and I don't have any new photo's to play with,so I will wait,it will come back,...it always does!!

Loving my new slow cooker...never wanted one before,as I really thought they were for just making stews and stuff,I never liked stew,so I won't force it on my kids lol!! But my friend Steph lent me her recipe book,and I have been slow cookin' up a storm!! Been reading lot's of Twighlight Fanfic,on the web,they are good,but not as good as Stephanie Myer...

Have a long lost friend coming up from Tassie tommorow,and we are all catching up for dinner and a few drinkies...I hav'nt seen her for nearly 10 years!!! I used to share a house with her and her then fella,so all of us Melbournites are reuniting for one big night!!!Should be good,looking forward to kicking back and having a few..

Then on Sunday I'm doing a class it's a whole album at Scrappy hollow,as a participant,not a teacher...should be lots of fun,may even kickstart my mojo!!!

Anyway I'm off...

Do have some photo's to download, may share them later..

Cheers B

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey everybody!!! (said like Dr.Nick from the Simpsons...)

Busy,but not really accomplishing anything..Have one of Lincoln's little friends over,playing Playdoh,so while they are in the proximity of the computer I thought I'd blog!

I have some interesting news to share(hopefully soon) but I'm waiting for someone to call me back...

I still have classes up at Scrappy Hollow,for June and July.I havn't really done much at all,I did one page for my friend Ange(will get her permission before popping it on here tho)..and so she thought my Mojo was back....sadly no:(
Footy season is upon my household in a big way,to say DH is fanatical is an understatement...I hate footy,most sport actually! and I become a footy widow this time very year...and just my luck I have 2 boys..so it's basically the rest of my life!! ha ha!

I have been really slack with Lincoln's toilet training,he finally had a break through about 2 weeks ago,and you still have to make him go, he won't ask..but he's coming on nicely after some major resistance!!

Sullivan is still loving school,hasn't missed a day yet,I think he would have to be dying,for him to not go (or have swine flu)...Yesterday as part as his SC role,he had to read a little statement up on stage at assembly,tommorow is a free dress day to raise money for the Guide dogs..He did so well, and I even teared up a little,he's just such a lovely little man, so confident and outgoing,everyone is a friend waiting to be made,I wish I was like him!!!

Went out to see a movie and dinner with my playgroup Mum's last nite,but the Movie was sold out,so we went to Brunetti's off Lygon street for Cake and Coffee and our Monthly catch up,was really nice.

That's about it really,life in a working household I a like to put it!!

Cheers B

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just stuff

Hi,havn't been doing much so not much to post I'm afraid,Mojo has gone,I've done one page in 10 days,and after a handfull of mothers day cards...no others! I have 2 classes up at Scrappy Hollow,one I'm not so sure about,but one is with the new BG Wisteria papers and I reckon it will go well. Picture to page today with my friend Lauren!,hoping to get inspired...Also have been sucked in badly with an internet book,called "Wide Awake" it's a version of the Twighlight books,same characters,,,different story line,and the chick who is writing it is very talented,alas you can only read it on the net and my eyes are killing me from staring at the screen.....I've got 20 odd long chapters to go!!!

I have always been obsessive about books.Most of my childhood was lived with me holding a book,ready to read at a moments notice,drove my parents crazy!!!and my teachers,and my friends,later my boyfriends....I miss devouring books almost like a lost appendage...Having children is the biggest reason I stopped..no time,and too tired at the end of the day to concentrate,,My I am babbling today aren't I?

Mothers day was nice,the boys gave me some cute pressies,and brekky in bed.That's all I ask for really,My lovely big sis Robyn,smsed me to wish me Happy Mothers day...

That's a whole other blog entry,our Mother is being very difficult at the moment....again,another looong story.Have been running a bit,this last week I had a cold (or the same one from a month ago!!),so I didn't go,but this week I'm hoping to get back into it.,,Just feel Blah at the moment...

Cheers B

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some new pages

My Mojo is coming and going at the moment,I've been more interested in sorting my space out,than actually scrapping!!

So here are a couple of pages I've done,lot's of yummy new papers about at the moment,still have some classes organised at Scrappy Hollow,but not enough people signing up for them,it's actually very hard,as you have to make sure it can be done in 2 hours,cater for differeng levels of expertise,and use stuff only available from the shop..and keep the cost down... I usually put a lot more on my pages so it is definately a challenge...

Cold here in Melbourne, but I like the cooler weather more...

Cheers B