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Monday, December 29, 2008

Why do our children push us to our limits??? Do they not know how much we love them, care for them, worry about them?

I just took my two to the Park because they were driving me nuts being inside, and lets face it...I hate the park, I'd rather be pottering around (read scrapbooking)..and there were some other kids there a bit older.. Anyway Sully wanted to play with this kids remote controlled car ( yeah really great when other kids bring stuff from home)..and wouldn't let sully have a go...so he snatched it of the kid, ran off with it wailing at me..that the kid wouldn't let him have a go...I mean s*&t if I knew the kid I would have made him share, but you can't....So anyway I took it off him, gave it back to the kid and Sully lost it....Screaming, hitting, sobbing..so ok ,time to go...but of course you have to get the other one to come too...within seconds of Sully's meltdown, Lincoln, smacks some kid on the head...and not in a Nice way...and when I pulled him up on it, he comes out with "NO" and smacked me one!!!!!

OMG!!! and of course all the Mum's are standing there stunned that obviously I was totally losing it, and it was because of their stupid kid in the first place!!!! If your kid can't share...don't take stuff to the park, pool, shops, house, anywhere.....

OK, I think I'm alright now, until DH gets home and says something dumb like" they don't do it to me... so how can I help you?"


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